Hey, teachers and home educators, if you’re looking for authentic and engaging classroom resources linked to real-world news stories, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find activities linked directly to the Australian Curriculum (version 9.0) focused on everything from grammar to inference, comprehension to literary devices and, of course… bears (that’s an in-joke)! Each worksheet is tied to a story from one of our daily news podcasts, so you can listen and then complete the worksheet or just jump straight in, as many of our literacy activities are designed to be standalone.

Simply type in a keyword or the Australian Curriculum (v.9.0) content descriptor code for what you’re looking for and click to search. If you’d like to narrow your search down for Moon (grades 2-3), Star (grades 4-5) and Sun (grade 6+) select the category you’re after and voila!

You can preview a worksheet, download it or go straight to the podcast page.