Monday, April 22, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Planet vs Plastic on Earth Day; Nigeria’s world-record chess champ; Aussie school breaks confetti cannon record: and crunchy cicada salad.

Earth Day turns the spotlight on plastics this year with the theme “Planet vs Plastics.” Imagine a world without plastic spoons or bags— that was us not too long ago! Now, it’s time to clean up and aim for a plastic-free 2040.

Tunde Onakoya, a chess whizz from Nigeria, just might have set a new record by playing chess for 60 hours! He’s not just moving pawns and knights; he’s helping Nigerian kids get to school. Checkmate to boredom and a win for learning!

Pop goes the record! St Stephens’ School in Perth just exploded the world record for most confetti cannons fired at once. Celebrating 40 years with a bang and loads of biodegradable confetti.

In New Orleans, cicadas are hopping from the trees to your dinner plate at Bug Apetit. Who’s up for a cicada salad? These summer singers are about to become the snack of the season! Get ready to crunch on some seriously seasoned bugs.

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