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Squiz Kids Specials are kids-only Q&A sessions with a whole bunch of interesting people - from the Prime Minister of Australia, to best-selling authors, athletes, and inspirations. You know what they say - kids asked the darndest things.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Jim Chalmers, Australia’s Federal Treasurer

The podcast where Aussie kids get to ask the questions … This episode, the kids of Australia put Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers in the Q+A hot seat.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister

  Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard answer questions from Aussie kids in a special Squiz Kids Q+A. She talks…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Jason Clare, Australia’s Federal Minister for Education

  How do you become the Education Minister? Why do we need NAPLAN? And why is education a super power?…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with zookeeper Russell Jackson from the National Zoo and Aquarium

A fun Q+A with Russell Jackson, zookeeper at Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Sandra Bruce, National Portrait Gallery

A ten minute Q+A with Sandra Bruce, curator at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Fred Hollows Humanity Award – Junior Ambassadors 2021

Each year, the Fred Hollows Humanity Award recognises remarkable Year 6 kids from all over Australia making a difference in their community. In this special Squiz Kids Q+A we meet last year’s winners.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with the Opposition’s Tanya Plibersek

In this pre-election special, Aussie kids ask the Shadow Education Minister, Tanya Plibersek ten tough questions.

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Squiz Kids Election Q+A with Australian Electoral Commission

Elections explained in under eight minutes … featuring the Australian Electoral Commission’s Evan Ekin-Smyth.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Prime Minister Scott Morrison

In this special, pre-election Squiz Kids Q+A, Prime Minister Scott Morrison answers ten questions from Aussie kids.    EPISODE TRANSCRIPT…

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