Squiz Kids Specials

Squiz Kids Specials are kids-only Q&A sessions with a whole bunch of interesting people - from the Prime Minister of Australia, to best-selling authors, athletes, and inspirations. You know what they say - kids asked the darndest things.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister

  Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard answer questions from Aussie kids in a special Squiz Kids Q+A. She talks…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Jason Clare, Australia’s Federal Minister for Education

  How do you become the Education Minister? Why do we need NAPLAN? And why is education a super power?…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with zookeeper Russell Jackson from the National Zoo and Aquarium

A fun Q+A with Russell Jackson, zookeeper at Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Sandra Bruce, National Portrait Gallery

A ten minute Q+A with Sandra Bruce, curator at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Fred Hollows Humanity Award – Junior Ambassadors 2021

Each year, the Fred Hollows Humanity Award recognises remarkable Year 6 kids from all over Australia making a difference in their community. In this special Squiz Kids Q+A we meet last year’s winners.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with the Opposition’s Tanya Plibersek

In this pre-election special, Aussie kids ask the Shadow Education Minister, Tanya Plibersek ten tough questions.

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Squiz Kids Election Q+A with Australian Electoral Commission

Elections explained in under eight minutes … featuring the Australian Electoral Commission’s Evan Ekin-Smyth.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Prime Minister Scott Morrison

In this special, pre-election Squiz Kids Q+A, Prime Minister Scott Morrison answers ten questions from Aussie kids.    EPISODE TRANSCRIPT…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Bad Guys author Aaron Blabey

Over the school holidays, there’ll be a cool new animated movie in theatres near you… the Bad Guys. You’ve heard of the Bad Guys books, right? Mr Shark, Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha and Mr Snake? A bunch of guys who are good on the inside – despite their bad guy exterior. Well, those books —which have sold 30 million copies all over the world—were written by Aussie author Aaron Blabey.

And to kick off this year’s series of Squiz Kids Q+As – Aaron has agreed to answer all the curly questions you can throw at him.

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