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Squiz Kids Specials are kids-only Q&A sessions with a whole bunch of interesting people - from the Prime Minister of Australia, to best-selling authors, athletes, and inspirations. You know what they say - kids asked the darndest things.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Bad Guys author Aaron Blabey

Over the school holidays, there’ll be a cool new animated movie in theatres near you… the Bad Guys. You’ve heard of the Bad Guys books, right? Mr Shark, Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha and Mr Snake? A bunch of guys who are good on the inside – despite their bad guy exterior. Well, those books —which have sold 30 million copies all over the world—were written by Aussie author Aaron Blabey.

And to kick off this year’s series of Squiz Kids Q+As – Aaron has agreed to answer all the curly questions you can throw at him.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Andy Griffiths

Beloved treehouse author Andy Griffiths has just released the 143-Storey Treehouse, and is already hard at work on 13 more levels. The kids of Australia give him some wonderful, whacky ideas.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Dannii Minogue

Aussie entertainer and Masked Singer judge, Dannii Minogue answers Squiz Kids’ questions…

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Paralympian Tyan Taylor

A special Paralympic-themed Squiz Kids Q+A featuring Tyan Taylor, in which she reveals why goalball players are always bruised; how she was teased for her disability as a kid; and how to train for a team sport during a pandemic.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Aussie Olympians Matt Shirvington and Emma George

A special, Olympic-themed Squiz Kids Q+A featuring Aussie Olympic sprinter, Matt Shirvington and Aussie Olympic pole vaulter, Emma George.

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Squiz Kids Q+A with Josh Dunkley

A kids’ only Q+A with Western Bulldogs midfielder, Josh Dunkley.

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Squiz Kids Q+A – NAPLAN boss Peter Titmaniss

A kids-only Q+A session with NAPLAN boss Peter Titmaniss.

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Squiz Kids Q+A – Andy Griffiths

In this very special Q+A episode, Squiz Kids tell Treehouse author Andy Griffiths their best side-splitting, rip-roaring, thigh-slapping jokes.

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Squiz Kids Q+A – Taronga Tiger Keeper Louise Ginman

A special edition of Squiz Kids Q+A, direct from Taronga Zoo – in podcast and on TV – in which the kids of Australia put their questions to tiger keeper, Louise Ginman.

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