Squiz Kids Q+A with Andy Griffiths

Copy of Squiz Kids Specials v 2 (2)

Beloved treehouse author Andy Griffiths has just released the 143-Storey Treehouse, and is already hard at work on 13 more levels. The kids of Australia give him some wonderful, whacky ideas.

Squiz Kids received dozens and dozens of responses to this special episode call out. All of your ideas were amazing, so we’re sharing them here. (Sorry, the robots and Mr. Big Nose said it was too hard to include your drawings.)

The winning entry:

A mischief making room where you can make mischief all day long. For instance, throwing cream pies at each other, tying people’s shoelaces together, swatting people with fly swatters, giving people smacks on the bottom, putting whoopee cushions under poor innocent people, and last but not least Terry’s personal army of Mischief Making Robot Droids. —Rafe

Winners featured on the podcast:

On one of the absurdly high up levels, there was a very unique library! In the library, there weren’t ordinary books that you would read for pleasure. These books had the power for you to miraculously travel inside them! From having a tea party with the Mad Hatter to taking a class with Harry Potter, this 3 story library has almost every book in existence! To travel inside the books you only have to read the mystical sentence you want to travel into in that book and then you’re there! You can have hilarious adventures with characters from any book, fairy tale, biography, romance, mystery, adventure, or fantasy novel! And why not have a snack from the Book Turner Cafe? Enjoy some scrumptious green eggs and ham with some non-enchanted Turkish Delight for dessert! The characters from your favourite books can even come out of the books and visit you, so you can either visit their world or they can visit yours! The head librarian is Madam Pince, from the Harry Potter book series. Do NOT lose a book, or she may ban you from ever entering the library again. Andy and Terry are always going into the books and having adventures in them, messing up plot twists, giving characters bad ideas. Located on the 147-150th floors, the Enchanted Library is a must-see stop on any tour of the ever-expanding treehouse. —Lucy

I love your books so I wanted to give you this treehouse idea. I reckon there should be a lazy level. This level would have 3 lazy settings. Level 1 would be Lazy level. The robots would give you a massage and feed you pizza. Level 2 could be super Lazy level the robots would feed you anything you wanted, massage you and then brush your teeth for you and then give you a chicken nugget.Level 3 Ultra Lazy mode, the robots would order in the Queens butlers! They butlers would do anything you wanted. They would feed you and chew your food for you with a chewer 2000! They would bathe you in the finest water. They could even kick the Queen out of her castle and let you live in a the palace! I hope you liked my idea. —Sophie

I have an idea for your new book. What if one of the levels was…A world language level . All you have to do is go to a computer and type in the language you want to speak and then the computer prints out a helmet and if you put it on you will speak the language you wanted. This would be good in case you had tourists or friends visiting from a different county. Also there could an animal version of it so Jills pets could talk as long as they were wearing helmets too. – Angus

Our level would be a music wonderland, as soon as you entered you would see your favourite musician singing your favourite songs at a concert called Treechella. Confetti canons would be shooting rainbow confetti out that would fall gently on your face whilst you were singing. Bright lasers would shine in the crowd, whilst everyone was dancing to Beyonce’. If you’re feeling hungry… don’t worry! Your favourite food will float over to you in the crowd! Cheese toasties, sausages, party pies, cheeseburgers, ice-cream sundaes, hot chips and chicken tenders all wizz past. People are ducking in the crowd to protect themselves from the crazy flying food whizzing past! —Oval Room 2

On the 143 rd level there is going to be a banana fighting stadium with a banana tree in the middle that never stops producing bananas. It spits them out all over the place at random times and competitors have to dodge the bananas at the same time as racing from one end to the other one hundred times. The problem is that is gets more and more difficult as there are more and more banana peels on the floor to slip on every time. To make it even harder there is 1000 monkeys on the level and they are all running around trying to eat the bananas. You might think this would be helpful but of course they leave the banana peels on the ground and the only thing more slippery than bananas is banana peels. Sometimes people fight with the bananas and the winner gets a big gold trophy. —Spencer

“Thinkinator” where you can sit in a leather chair if you are struggling with ideas. The chair will tell you if the idea you have is excellent, not sure, or a very dumb idea. —Holly

A room for home school with white boards and big computer screens. It is quite. But when a grownup leaves, a disco ball sinks down from the roof and party music starts playing. Whenever a grown up comes near, the music stops and everything goes back to school mode again. —Annabel

My level idea is a Sauce Fighting Level. There is a dispenser that gives you a bottle of sauce. Tomato, barbeque, mustard, it doesn’t matter! Once you get your bottle, you battle it out. By squirting each other with sauce! The sauce fight goes on forever, but there is a leader board constantly updated. This can cause high-stakes sauce fighting in the extreme obstacle course. It’s a lot like laser tag and paintball mixed together, except you shoot sauce! You can also get a sausage shield to absorb the sauce. —Charlotte

My idea is a room that has a time machine.Andy and Terry go back in time to put amazing and cool artifacts in the room.They have so much fun that they don’t realise Mr big Nose needs his book in one minute! They use the machine to go back in time so they can finish the book.Then something terrible happens.A trex crushes the machine and they are stuck in the Stone Age.They need to work out how to get back. — Carlo

Brilliant Submissions from all over Australia: 

1. A room with a model of the treehouse with Andy, Terry, Jill and all the animals inside of it and it tells the future!!!
2. A room for penguins to play chess all day long!!! 
3. A room for dropping glass plates and the broken plates get sucked up by a giant vacuum Terry invented where they are repaired and ready for more plate dropping!!!—Ella and Lilyana

“My idea for the new 143 treehouse level is a level full of water slides, wave pools, and more rides in the water. It is bright and colourful. Andy and Terry have their own personal slides designed by and built by themselves especially and only for them. There is a big slide with ice and it is super slippery. It is made for the penguins. The wave pool is sooo wavy because the Trunkinator is always in there making massive waves. If you’re not to careful you’ll fall out of the treehouse!!” —Kara

Imagine it: a royalty room. It’s where you get treated like royalty (understandably). Robots will come with drinks and feasts. (And ice-cream from Edwards Scooperhands.) The feasts will be three course meals and will be CRAZY DELICIOUS. Also, each and every person has their own throne, made just for you. For example, the penguins will have thrones of fish, the Trunkinator will have a HUGE throne, and there’ll be a slimy throne for the ninja snails. Day and night, robot performers will come to entertain ‘Your Majesties’. Moreover, every day, a crown making competition will be held for ‘Your Majesties’ and every day you will have a new crown! —Kaythi

A Dictionary World level and Imagination World Level —Noah

My suggestion for a new Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton is a games level where there is all different types of games like board games, spot games and arcade games. Where any game you want to play you can because it has it all. —Daniel

a dragon storey were you can train dragons and ride and name them, you can go to anywhere in the tree house and the dragon fly back to their level. —Charlotte

A level of 100 rockets that never blast off into space, instead they fart around in circles inside and on top of the treehouse and the stinky farts can be lit on fire so you have to be careful not to accidentally burn yourself or the treehouse down. The rockets are fuelled by marshmallows from the automatic marshmallow machine. Each rocket has a tiny ninja that chops the marshmallows into pieces to make them small enough to go into the rocket’s fuel tank, but the ninja also eats some of the marshmallows so there are sometimes fuel shortages (like the power shortage in Lebanon in the squiz kids podcast today).—Neo

Rainbow Fireworks Room—Anisha

An ice-cream ski sloped level, where you can ski on ice-cream and eat it too!—Gigi

My idea for the next treehouse book is to have an Always Sunny room. The eye that got blasted into the sun in the earlier book is planning it’s revenge. The room will have a lemonade stand with endless lemonade. —Chloe

There is a quicksand pit with three snakes. A disappearing chess board is on one side and a number puzzle on the other. The solution will reveal the secret button. It is surrounded by snake statues. —Luca

As we are all gamers these days I think a videogame room that sucks you in and you play it like it was real life. You also have a button in your pocket and when you press it you will return you to the real world. The words in the bubble say” Terry, did you really have to let the Minecraft people come???” —Toby

There’s a go-kart piranha shooting arena where there are piranha guns on the go karts. Mr Big Nose nose also explodes on this level if he gets hit by a piranha. There is also a mud-fighting area where you have to dodge the Trunkinator as you fight and the loser has to go inside the maze of doom. This would Terry’s idea because he always comes up with the weird levels. —Will

– a room with infinite donut flavored burgers —Louis

– an animal making room: the machine reads your mind and makes your dream animal —Aisla

– magical painting room: whatever you paint with the magic paint, becomes real—Aisla

Bunny level: If you go in this level there is a big bunny called WB 40 and all the little bunnies cuddle you, you can ride WB40 around the whole tree house, but one bunny is the easter bunny can you figure out which one ?—Alexander

There is a room with all the worlds monsters and every time you kill a Monster it spans another monster that is bigger and stronger but can you find the weakness and stop the scary monsters—William

call out a new room for the tree house : the archery room where if you hit the target bum comes out and high fives you but if you miss the target you get farted —Aurelia

Here is my treehouse level. It’s a person wash that automatically gives you a shower, washes you with soap and dries you. Sometimes it can get out of control and spray whipped cream instead of water or cover you in liquid soap and instead of drying you it sprays water at you. It can be quite catastrophic and quite useful too. —Lachie

Topsy Turvy world: a level where everything is upside down. Apples fall on your head and penguins really can fly.—Toby

I have an idea for your new book. What if one of the levels was… a trampoline level. I think that the trampoline level can have different heights and sizes of trampolines. Maybe the walls and the roof could have a big trampoline on them so you and Terry can do. a never ending bounce. Learning the never ending bounce is tricky but if you get the timing. and angle just right it’s really really fun! I really like playing on my trampoline. I love the tree house books you and Terry make. —Emily

I have an idea for your new book. What if one of the levels was… a skateboard bed level. It has lots of beds with skateboard ramps on them and then you go down them on skateboards and do tricks in the air! It sounds like fun. —Eleanor

Super Slime Level. This level is an adventure park, split into different sections (building space, mech slime expanse,dodge slime area, paintball arena and goon slime arena). There are many types of slime including building, mech, dodge, paintball and goon slime. Building slime: hard enough that it keeps its shape while you are building, but soft enough it’s malleable. It’s coloured green, but when you finish building it will change colour to any colour necessary. —Miri and Gil

A Dolphin Riding level —Zane

A treehouse level where there is a rocket launch pad that let’s you go anywhere in the entire universe. With heat resistant paint in case you get into the sun and three seats for Andy, Terry, Jill and a cat bed for silky. —Gabe

THE HUMAN CAR WASH The human car wash is for when you can’t be bothered to have a bath or a shower so you just put in your $2 and then the three steps happen: scrub a dub dub, Dry dry dry, Walk away.But make sure nobody’s looking because that’s unpleasant and also don’t leave your eyes open because then your eyes will sting. —Jude

The drip drop shop is a shop for people who love rain and jumping high all happening at the same time. And do you know how you jump high? Well you guessed it, you jump on the trampoline! The drip drop level will need to have: -four dollars on you(for your payment- it’s a shop after all!), -A jumbo trampoline -plenty of towels -And you can’t forget it needs to be open to the sky on a rainy day. It’s so fun getting a wet jump and you definitely get woken up! —Callum

One of the levels for the storey treehouse could be a wonder park. When you are at that level, it appears with an empty room but when you think about a ride or place in a theme park (for example a ferris wheel) it automatically pops up in that level but the problem is Terry can’t stop thinking of rides. To escape you have to complete all the rides. —Enrico

My treehouse level suggestion is a footy level were you play footy with peaches instead of a ball. The challenge is that if the peaches explode the other team gets a free kick. Then you throw another peach on the pitch to get started again. It gets pretty sticky! You can choose any team to be, even made-up teams. You can play against your friend or family. Whoever wins gets to decide what to do after you’ve finished playing the match. Once you’ve decided, there is a machine where you can press a button that will help set up the next activity. For example, if you decide the next activity is swimming in the see-through swimming pool, you just press the button and you’re automatically taken to the pool with your friend who you are playing with. —Lewis

My level is a star gazing level. It is on the top of the tree, so it is easy to see the stars. You can look at the stars through telescopes or you can go inside where there is a planetarium. The planetarium is not like a normal planetarium, instead of it showing real things it shows made up galaxies. There is a machine called Galaxy Maker where you draw a picture of your own made up galaxy and put it in. Galaxy Maker will then put your galaxy onto the planetarium. There is also a room with lots of maps, pictures of star constellations and planets. The roof in this room shows the most recently made galaxy. The roof not only shows a galaxy, but it is retractable as well. —Jennifer

My idea for a tree house level is for a two left feet room. When you walk into the room you will have 2 left feet. On the floor, walls and roof of the room there are massive jumping pillows so if you fall over you will bounce back up. In the corner of the room there is a jumping pillow table with food on it so you can eat in there. The 2 left feet room has a high level and a low level. There is music playing but you can’t dance, because you have two left feet!!! —Madeline

A Turkey Library. It’s fairly self explanatory. —Charles

So, do you want to go and play some sports with some dinosaurs? Well, the 143 storey tree house, has a level with lots of groups of different dinosaurs that can play sports so you can go and hang out with them any time you like. And play sports like, volleyball, ping pong, tennis, disc golf or skateboarding, With the following dinosaurs: T rex, plesiosaurus, velociraptor, diplodocus and Spinosaurus. So what are you waiting for, come on up! Turns out that dinosaurs are a lot of fun. When they’re no hungry that is! —Toby

My idea is for a sticky booger obstacle course room. Terry and Andy go there to play. There are boogers floating around, and you need to avoid them. There is a sticky booger waterfall, and there is a slippery snot wall that you can only climb up by using sticky boogers on your hands and feet. If you get into trouble, you can call for help from Snot Spiderman. If you need a break, you can go to the Snot Café for a Snot smoothie and a vanilla Snot block slice. There is also a special Snot ice-cream shop. The funniest thing that happens is when Terry gets a booger in his eye. —Patrick

PLane room with trampolines—Brodie

The level I created is a flying fish, zero gravity centre. The amazing flying fish actually can fly and have feathery bird wings! As you can see, Andy and Terry are floating clumsily alongside a giant flying fish, some pesky penguins, a hungry man eating shark and a random marshmallow. I added this level because it is the penguins’ feeding tank as they love eating delicious flying fish (it’s also a lot of fun to play in!).—Max

“A Puppy Singing Level”. The puppy singing level is where puppies of all different kinds sing Christmas carols all year long including Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Deck the Halls and much, much more! —Sofia

“A Light Level”. A light level with all sorts of different lights – hanging lights, underground lights, bright lights, strobe lights, small lights and disco lights. —Oliver

Andy and Terry’s Treehouse can be improved with a new level. As Andy entered the mysterious room with blue walls, he saw piles of magic lamps. When Andy rubbed a curious lamp (after watching the Aladdin movie), a shimmering genie emerged. Only this time it was a girl and her skin was a bright shade of purple. In a silvery voice she announced: “You have awoken me and now I’ll reward you with 300 wishes!” Andy was astonished because he thought you could only have 3 wishes. “This is brilliant!” he exclaimed. Just as he was about to wish for a giant pot of gold, Terry ran in screaming: “I can’t find the marshmallow machine! Hey, I haven’t seen that level before!” Andy explained that Terry hadn’t seen it because he had just finished creating it. “You have awoken me and now I’ll reward you with 300 wishes!” repeated the genie impatiently. After 5 hours in the time passing room, Andy and Terry decided to wish for a magic sketchbook, that whenever you draw (not write) something, it will come to life. (The sketchbook never ends.). “I need to use the toilet!” Announced Terry, as he sprinted out of the room. Andy volunteered to show the readers how the sketchbook works. “I’ll draw a new marshmallow machine!” he decided. But alas, Andy is not, well, let’s just say he’s not perfect at drawing. So the marshmallow machine turned out to be A DINOSNORE (a sleeping dinosaur)…. —Grace

It’s a giant movie room with a giant screen and really loud speakers! —Theo

This crazy treehouse level has thousands of beds. Whenever you lie down in one of these beds, you will fall straight asleep. While you are sleeping, you’re dreaming about what will happen when you wake up. For Example: If you’re lying in a kids crocodile bed, you might be feeding crocodiles or have been eaten by one. If your lying in a princess bed then you will be going to her castle or she will visit you.(something to do with the bed). When you wake up, whatever you just dreamed about will happen. Most things are really CRAZY!!! —Amelia

Bionic Hamster room, with fun activities for them. —Tristan

My idea for a new treehouse level is an “Art come Alive” level. In this level you paint what ever you want and it will come alive. My drawing shows Terry painting a new Andy, who comes alive. Terry is whistling while painting, while the real Andy yells at him. There is also some penguins painting a pile of fish so they can eat them. —Sarah

You write the best books and I would love my idea to be a part of it. I think a bright idea is to have an imagination room so what you think comes to life you could think of a dog and it would come to life. What if Andy and Terry imagine riding a roller coaster well terry might poop his pants but it will be awesome. Ideas are endless It could be design any way you or Terry want to. I have never won a competition so I would really would like to win it. That’s all I have short and sweet thank you for your time I hope I see my imagination room up in the book you really inspired me to write books thank you so much. —Oscar

A brand new floor where anything you imagine comes true! You can do anything you want there. —Jake

A pitch black room with glow in the dark beds. So dark that you never know who you might meet or what might be in the dark. the beds are glow in the dark so you can see them and you don’t fall out but it’s a little bit scary and a little bit dangerous just like Andy and Terry. There are big beds and small beds for Jill’s animals. There are medium size beds for Jill, Andy and Terry and humongous beds for horses.” —Tilly

Where doors are everywhere and each one leads to somewhere differnt in the world. There are normal doors and trap doors and sometimes you have to walk up the walls to get to the trap doors (and you can do that!). —William

My tree house level would be a room where you would camily meditate and watch the sunrise and set! It would have blossomed trees and pillows in it. You would be able to sit on the pillows and meditate. There would also be headphones so you can listen to your favourite songs! —Lucy

My idea for the level in the new book is called Snowland. You get to the level by snow slide. It’s a slide covered in snow and there is a ladder covered in snow too. It also snows everyday. There is a golden snowball which is ginormous that keeps it snowing everyday in Snowland. It’s made out of gold snow (but it hasn’t been weed on! It’s just gold)) You can have snowball fights, build snowmen and go skiing every day. Everything is obviously made out of snow. Everyone lives in igloos. There are pigs there too and they live in the pigloos. The pigloos are operated by remote control so the pigs don’t have to walk to their homes! —Samuel

On the Rainbow Polar Bear level there are 101 rainbow polar bears and little baby cloud cubs.The baby Cloud Cubs are always jumping into the lake of rainbows. In the Rainbow Polar Bear level the rainbow bears always come out of their cloud-shaped rainbow caves in the daytime (and at night the Moonbow Bears come out of the cloud-shaped rainbow caves). When Andy, Terry and Jill go in they will get the rainbow rash for 12 hours (unless they eat the de-rainbowing pill). Everything is ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW!!! The Rainbow Polar Bear level is always as cheerful as Terry after eating a truckload of marshmallows. The little fluffy Cloud Cubs can be found climbing up and sliding down the Never-Ending-Rainbow. A day trip to Rainbow Waterfall can be really fun as well. —Orlando and Amelia


I think they should add an annoying fly swatting level because at the front of the 130 story treehouse book there was an annoying fly that they were trying to kill. I thought it would be funny for them to have an annoying fly swatting level. There would be a fly dispenser so every time you killed a fly another fly would get dispensed, so you could be there for years and years and you would never kill them all. A cool story idea from this level would be that all the little flies merge into a hairy, scary and menacing super annoying fly that keeps growing and growing and growing. He gets so big that he reaches the top of the never ending staircase! — Harvey

high parkour to make people without a fear of heights have a fear of heights —Kola

Chocolate level where every thing is made from chocolate —Tom

A room that can change shape, looks and smells to become a “changing it self room” (or C.I.F.R for short). It can be a toilet then in an instant become a tv room. Be careful because it can change with you inside it. For example, it is a living room, and You are sitting on the couch, when the room starts to change form (did i mention that it changes randomly?) to a kitchen you will become the main course. —Aram

A flying fried egg garage – where the fried eggs go to park at the end of a long day flying around. There could be a lot of actual fried eggs running around as well. —Aidan

A room that rains sprinkles 24 hours every day it will be good after getting ice cream from edwards 78 ice cream parlour and it will be good for making a sprinkle ice cream also Andy and terry could build a 143 story sprinkle treehouse —Haydon

Total Gaming Room With Ultra 4k hd pc and mega gaming set-up —Sebastian

Amelie’s Amazing 13 Levels:
1. A chocolate pool that never runs out.
2. A tv room full of tv’s that show Terry’s favourite show Barky the Barking Dog all day long. (This annoys Andy very much).
3. A floor with a beach on it. Sand, waves, buckets and shovels. It all.
4. A giant craft room with giant pencils and glue and paper.
5. An animal room. (Courtesy of Jill)
6. Landmark floor with a miniature Eiffel tower, mini Leaning tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Harbour Bridge, Opera house, Tower bridge. The list goes on.
7. Weapons room (Terry’s idea so he can train the snails even more).
8. Disguise room where again, Terry trains the snails.
9. A new and improved writing room for Andy and Terry with soft bean bags for comfort as well as vending machines with drinks and lollies. With great drawing pencils and great writing pencils.
10. A computer room where the computers have a mind of their own. (Eventually Andy and Terry must destroy the computers before they take over the world).
11. A trampoline floor where you need to bounce and get exercise before getting an ice cream as a reward from the ice cream parlour.
12. Super hero costume room with different superhero costumes for Andy and Terry to dress up in.
13. A school room which Andy and Terry try to avoid as much as possible.

An aquarium where you become a fish and a room where you would get a random super power and battle your friends with the super power —Tylar

The slime slide Is a quick way to Travel. Just say where you want to go and it will take you there while having fun!! It comes with piranhas which will only eat your head. Not too bad right? I hope my Idea gets into the book! —Zoe

I want a level that allows you to dance in any style you want. This level would have music for every style of dance in existence. Even styles of dance that haven’t been invented yet. Of course there are styles out of this universe (alien dances). Can you also ask Terry to draw himself doing some wacky dance called Terry Style? —Cailin

for the tree house book i think in one of the rooms should be a room where it has a thing that can make you fly so like if you bring a couch in that room it will float and plus you can hop on that flying couch and you can never drop your phone cause it will float to and the walls are fluffy and the ground so you can not hit your head when you are flying and also with a flying bouncy castle so when you are in it you can bounds even higher hope you guys love it —Cherie

I would love a pitch black level because if you are feeling sad/angry you can go there to be alone and if someone finds you they might jump scare you. —Lily

If I was lucky to be chosen my level for Andy’s new book would be an interactive reptile level .
Any character could put on a special VR goggle headset that would enable them to talk to the wildest reptiles you could imagine .They would be friendly so you could play games (snakes & ladders are the snakes favourite ) do a cooking lesson with the lizards (they love a fresh salad) Or even singing lesson with some frogs . —Cash


My Treehouse idea is a a COVID-19 safe space station where you can travel to different planets from this story treehouse. You have to wear a mask that has an image of the planet you want to travel to and have to quarantine for 15 days before you travel to a new planet so you don’t spread the virus to other planets. You can travel anywhere in the galaxy except to the sun which is the source that makes you go to any planet whenever you want. If you disturb the sun then you must be sent down the treehouse and back to Earth and will never be allowed to come to this level of the treehouse again. In the Space station you have to wear medical scrubs whenever you travel to someplace new. The space station has buttons and gadgets as well as hand-sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or sprays, masks and everyone must be 1.5 metres away from each other to keep COVID safe. Everyone has their own spacecraft because you think about what you want the spacecraft to look like and then step inside a sphere and when you come out of the sphere your spacecraft appears in front of you. —Eva

This level is a zero gravity room with meteorites shaped marbles shooting through the air so you better watch out, otherwise you could get one to the head. When you are in the room you have to wear a fish tank for a helmet, tracksuit pants and a jumper. There is wrecking ball sized planets that are as soft as a pillow but when your in there you realise that the meteorites are actually chocolate covered sultanas that are delicious. —Isabella

Tree house idea:Blindfold katana level where you wear blind folds while you are swinging your katana. But remember to look at the danger sign! —Oscar

An expensive car smashing storey where you can use different objects to smash up the cars. —Ben
A spear dodging storey where you have to dodge spears to make it to your underpants to get dressed. —Thomas
In the treehouse there should be an alien whete aliens are every wherr. Every time you step an alien will shoop chainsaws and shhot lasers which turn you into aliens. Because the aliens want as many as they can. They use chsinsaws to chop food and throw at people. —Caroline
smacking Andy level. It has loads of Andy-swappers for everyone that wants to smack Andy —Daniel
* Treatworld is a world made up of slushi machines and slushi slides which are full of slushis, not water. There is also a machine that squirts any kind of chocolate into you mouth, an area to dip your head into fairy floss, which turns your hair into fairy floss, a town that everything is made of edible sugar, a pancake room where you try and throw pancakes onto a frying pan, a marshmallow trampoline, real-life edible killer pythons, a lemonade lake that lolly snakes inhabit, a room where you can ice-skate on lakes made of strawberry ice-cream, and where it snows sherbet, and a ride with trains that goes on train tracks made out of liquorice, where the trains are made out of cake, icing, lollipops and marshmallows that take you around to visit different lolly/treat stations, shops and lands. 
Volcano level is a level on the treehouse where there are lots of volcanoes that erupt  milkshake everywhere 5 minutes, as each volcano is filled with multiple layers of ice-creams, each layer being a different flavour with a darker colouring as you go down. They have liquorice bases, with trains running around them for tourists.
* Lake land is filled with a lake made of strawberry milkshake that freezes into an ice-skating rink in Winter. In the middle of the lake is an island made of strawberries and cream, with a train made of must sticks that goes around it. The island is wild, with many plants, including ferns and trees. There are strawberries carved into boats with cream sails, shells made of strawberries.
—Alex, Charlotte and James

Music is everywhere on the Music Madness Level. There’s pop music, rock music, slow jazz and of course absolutely crazy music. Jimmy Handrix, Superfinger and Pinky are the stars of course but Andy, Terry and Jill all add their bit too. The level has a mega sized stage that is 5m long. It has rainbow curtains and brightly coloured lights. A very anxious Treehouse Fire Brigade (TFB) is on standby because smoke machines have been known to start fires on stage. Big bright fireworks are also closely monitored by TFB. There is also a wall with lots of zany and crazy musical buttons. Andy’s favourite button is the musical burp button, Terry’s favourite button is the musical fart button and Jill’s favourite button is the musical crazy cat button. A massive instrument shed has every instrument you can imagine. 12 m high speakers are always turned up to maximum volume so everyone has to wear headphones. Non-sound-proof singing booths mean you can hear everyone practicing their singing. The only rules at the Music Madness Level are…. 

  1. Have everything always on max volume. 
  2. All singing and songs have to be cheesy and sung with bad squeaky voices. 

The neighbours hate the Music Madness Level because they’re worried it could cause an earthquake from all the loud music making the ground shake. Everything at the Music Madness Level is crazy, zany, cheesy and weird. Andy, Terry and Jill love the Music Madness Level!

The Flying Banana Phone Level
The features of the Flying Banana Phone Level include a comfortable soft squishy seat. People on the Flying Banana Phone can’t see because they have to wear a blindfold, but the phone reads its numbers out loud when you hover your fingers over its keypad. There are also wall sensors. The hazards on the Flying Banana Phone Level include an annoying noise created by wings that attracts thousands of flying mosquitos and lots of obstacles. —William

anti-gravity level. When you walk in you just start floating, and you have to eat all the floating food. The trade-off to floating is that you have to eat broccoli first, then the doughnuts. Or, you float in teams, one team eats the broccoli, the other team gets the doughnuts! —Lochlan


Num Num Land is a land made out of candy. The ground is made out of rock candy and the trees have jelly leaves and chocolate bark. You can drive cars in Num NumLand and the fumes are made of sherbet! Their wheels are made of peppermints. There is also a chocolate cubby that is protected by hidden licorice punching arms. They pop out of the ground and punch people into the air if they try to get past! When Andy and Terry eat anything it will grow back. —Hannah

It’s a Day/Night opposite level (you do night time things at day time, and day time things at night). I hope you like it!   —Elanor-Rose