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Money + Me

A financial literacy podcast for primary-school aged kids.

Teaching kids about money, budgeting, and goal setting is one of the most important lessons they can learn. Join Biz-E the Bee as she saves to buy her very own mobile phone, therefore learning some really important money management and life skills.

Episode 1: Biz-E Wants a Mobile...

Do you want your kids to learn a bit more about money? Like, for instance, that it doesn't grow on trees? In this week's episode, Biz-E jumps into the Squiz Kids Time Machine .She learns about the history of money, hence why you can't just go to a bank and ask for some.

Episode 2: Biz-E Learns To Budget...

Time to discuss the B word... budgeting! This week, Biz-E will learn the next step in getting closer to her mobile phone goal. She will need to save and budget. She learns that budgeting is something that every household has to do. Bryce and Amanda have taken Biz-E to the supermarket. She'll come to understand the importance of money management and  particularly the important distinction between needs vs. wants.

Episode 3: Biz-E Starts To Save...

This week, in 'Money + Me',  Biz-E the Bee, starts to save in her quest to own a mobile phone. Learning all things money, budgeting, goal setting and financial literacy. Join Biz-E, Bryce and Amanda as we learn some really important money management life skills and also, the importance of charity.

Episode 4: Biz-E Buys A Mobile …

It's our final episode of 'Money + Me'. It's finally time for Biz-E the Bee to buy her mobile phone. We've learnt what money is and where it comes from. We've learned how to budget, set goals and save. And we've also explored some fun ways kids can make money. Now Biz-E finally gets to buy her new phone. But there are a lot of phones out there, so how does she know what's best? In this episode, Bryce and Amanda will help Biz-E learn to compare and contrast competing offers. They help her to look beyond the sales hype to find hidden costs, and always be wary of those sneaky in-app purchases.

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