Squiz Kids Specials

Squiz Kids Specials are kids-only Q&A sessions with a whole bunch of interesting people - from the Prime Minister of Australia, to best-selling authors, athletes, and inspirations. You know what they say - kids asked the darndest things.

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Squiz Kids Q+A – Professor David Flannery

A kids only Q+A session with Professor David Flannery – the Australian scientist who helped build and send the Mars rover, Perseverance to the red planet.

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Squiz Kids Q+A – Sam Moran

A kids’ only Q+A with singer, songwriter and one-time Yellow Wiggle, Sam Moran.

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Sugar Plum Mary Q&A

Can you believe it? A very special Christmas kids-only Q&A with Sugar Plum Mary – one of Santa’s trusted elves!

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Filo Q+A

A kids-only Q+A session with Junior Masterchef contestant, Filo.

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Annabel Sutherland Q+A

A kids only Q+A session with one of Australia’s most up-and-coming sports stars, cricketer Annabel Sutherland.

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Eddie Woo Q+A

A kids only Q+A session with award-winning Aussie maths teacher, author and TV host, Eddie Woo.

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Squiz Kids Q&A with Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths Q+A

A kids’ only Q+A session with Treehouse author extraordinaire, Andy Griffiths.

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Turia Pitt Q+A

A kids’ only Q+A session with one of Australia’s most amazing women – the remarkable Turia Pitt.

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Squiz Kids: Kids-Only Coronavirus Q&A with PM Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison answers kids’ questions about Coronavirus, in a kids-only Q&A.

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