Monday, April 15, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Bluey’s big adventure breaks the internet; China’s super-fast train; the sharpest shooter in Super Netball; and iPads for parrots.

Bluey just made TV history with a super-sized 28-minute episode that had everyone glued to their screens! As the Heeler family faced a big change, Bluey taught us all about the unexpected signs in life. More fun ahead—Bluey isn’t going anywhere!

Hold onto your hats! China’s new maglev train is about to change travel forever, floating at speeds that could outpace planes. Imagine zooming 1000 km/h just inches above the track—this is the future of trains!

Ever seen a parrot playing an iPad game? Researchers are discovering that these clever birds might just love a digital challenge. They’re tapping away with beaks and tongues—no fingers needed!

Jhaniele Fowler, netball’s unstoppable MVP, just made history! Scoring every shot in a game? That’s how you lead the West Coast Fever to a record-breaking win. Way to go, Jhaniele!

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