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Squiz Kids is a news podcast, just for kids!

Squiz Kids Episodes

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Listen: Squiz Kids Coronavirus Q&A with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Friday, April 24

Lighting up the dawn; Harry Potter’s snake namesake; AFL season here we come; and a real-life Mario Kart. LINKS: Slytherin’s...

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Thursday, April 23

Record toot paper sales; Antarctica’s most famous shipwreck; the NRL is back!; and Van Gogh in your living room. LINKS:...

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Wednesday, April 22

Petrol bowser bonanza; kangaroos in Adelaide; the coolest photos of outer space; and colouring-in the COVID.

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Tuesday, April 21

Virgin’s imminent skyfall; Harry and Megs hit back; turtles take Thailand; and our new baking obsession. LINKS: Virtual car racing...

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Monday, April 20

The music world says thanks; South Africa’s bold as brass lions; tennis champs dig deep; and Disney takes down TikTok....

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Friday, April 17

Could COVID bring world peace?; Viking shoes and horse pooh; the great AFL comeback; and The Mandalorian’s secrets revealed.   LINKS:...

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Thursday, April 16

The great back-to-school muddle; South Africa’s concrete penguins; our accidental world record breaker; and Fortnite fans devo’d.

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Wednesday, April 15

App’ing our way out of COVID ; Kenya’s first ‘zonkey’; climbing Everest at home; and Drake breaks a record. LINKS:...

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Tuesday, April 14

The PM answers your questions; the world’s most nail-biting space mission; Olympic swimming with yabbies; and a new Aussie DC...

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Thursday, April 9

All hail the Super Moon!; Hong Kong’s piano truck; Roger Federer’s big challenge; and Olaf and his shorts. LINKS: Super...

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Wednesday, April 8

Flatten that curve!; Easter camping home-style; Greece’s piano prodigy; and Lady Gaga’s throwing a party. LINKS: Stelios’ Isolation Waltz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZovpz8SpSE

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Tuesday, April 7

Australia’s Pacific Island rescue mission; Canada’s feral pig explosion; Footy to be played in a bubble; and the hidden cost...

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Monday, April 6

Easter Bunny gets the green light; the oldest skull ever found; cricket goes back to its roots; and the Gruffalo...

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Friday, April 3

Spider species spectacular; how to turn back time; Canada’s frozen hair fest; and the Norris Nuts meet the Fox. LINKS:   ...

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Thursday, April 2

Lobster Air takes flight; The Great Welsh Goat-vasion; Taronga TV brings the zoo to you; and a new Harry Potter...

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