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Squiz Kids is a news podcast, just for kids!

Squiz Kids Episodes

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Listen: Squiz Kids Coronavirus Q&A with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Wednesday, March 4

Super Tuesday explained; Apple’s in trouble; Aussie basketball’s Olympic hopes; and the kid making reading cool. LINKS:                     Callum’s cool book...

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Tuesday, March 3

It’s getting hot in here; the 3D-printed steak revolution; Aussies smash Kiwis for cricket semi-final; and John Seena’s small-man moment....

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Monday, March 2

Olympic drug cheat busted; Tonga’s super sportsman; back to the 90s for rugby league; and Taylor Swift is a man.

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Friday, February 28

Free chips for leap year; Siberia’s ancient pooh worms; our cricket teams triumph; and Bluey’s new neighbours. LINKS: What’s Up...

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Thursday, February 27

Girls win NAPLAN; bunks on a plane; the world’s coolest desert wave; and Bieber makes history. LINKS: Bieber’s Toddlerography: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1858917814241649

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Wednesday, February 26

Oil company drops drilling plans; baboons run amok in Sydney; record Everest attempt; and Lizzo takes a bow.

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Tuesday, February 25

China’s coronavirus admission; Jupiter’s secrets unveiled; camels go downtown; and BTS mania strikes again. LINKS: Jupiter photos: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/juno/images/index.html South Dakota...

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Monday, February 24

Prince Harry walks away; a bear in Los Angeles; bullies given the punt at the footy; and Baby Yoda the...

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Friday, February 21

Battle of the billionaires; India’s village of the twins; Aussies kick off cricket World Cup; and the world’s first singing...

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Thursday, February 20

Space tourism has lift off!; a miracle in London; the new breed of flying yachts; and the puppy-pigeon combo breaking...

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Wednesday, February 19

Survival in the Aussie jungle; a ghost ship washes ashore; gymnast named Sportswoman of the Year; and Sonic breaks a...

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Tuesday, February 18

Holden drives off into the sunset; cruise ship rescue flight; an Aussie world snowboarding champ; and Fortnite goes 80s  

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Monday, February 17

Evacuating cruise ship Aussies … Asteroid ahoy! … Cowboys are crowned kings … and the Aussie Elsa in Frozen

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Friday, February 14

Cyclone lashes Lord Howe Island … the great spit experiment … Disney’s Zombies are back … and Finley the wonder...

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Closing the gap for indigenous kids; big storms are back; Daniel the golden retriever; and Sonic races into town. LINKS:...

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