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Squiz the World goes to… Papua New Guinea

Squiz the World goes to… Papua New Guinea

Each fortnight, we give the world globe a spin, and see where we land. Then we take the kids of Australia on an audio excursion to visit that country and its people.

Join Captain Christie Kijurina, on a whirlwind adventure with “Squiz the World” as we dive into the vibrant and diverse world of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Australia’s closest neighbor and a rugby league enthusiast’s paradise. From the bustling rainforests housing 5% of the world’s biodiversity to the cultural mosaic of over 800 languages, PNG is a land of natural wonders and rich traditions. Discover the heroic tales of WWII, explore the educational strides in bilingual classrooms, and get a taste of local customs and cuisines, like the unique Mumu cooking. Strap in for an audio journey to meet the friendly faces of PNG, learn a bit of Tok Pisin, and uncover the treasures of this tropical haven. Whether it’s understanding matrilineal societies or cheering for a potential NRL team, there’s no shortage of stories to spark curiosity and inspire young minds to explore the connections between nations and cultures.

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A map of Papua New Guinea: https://www.infoplease.com/atlas/pacific-islands/papua-new-guinea-map
Pineapple and sweet potato skewers: https://tarasmulticulturaltable.com/kaukau-na-painap-papua-new-guinean-sweet-potato-and-pineapple-skewers/