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What's in Squiz Kids for Schools

The Daily Download

Levelled literacy activities connected to the latest Squiz Kids Today podcast. We cover comprehension, inference, connection, summarising, vocabulary building, grammar, punctuation, and more.

Squiz Kids Shortcuts

A weekly podcast that dives into a high-interest news topic, with aligned comprehension activities.

Squiz The World

An audio excursion to a new country each week. Learn about the culture, geography, history, politics and language of our fellow humans — with activities to extend understanding.

COMING SOON: Newshounds

A media literacy learning adventure that will help Squiz Kids understand their relationship with media, and give them tools to sniff out credible and made-up news.

Why become a Squiz Kids School?

We use news and current affairs to engage primary-age students in the Australian curriculum.

We motivate kids to write by providing a nationwide audience for their work.

We help kids become critical consumers of media, and develop a strong foundation of knowledge about the world around them.

Our podcasts and activities get kids off screens, instead developing their listening, speaking, and writing skills.

We are created by teachers, for teachers.

Squiz Kids For Schools is ready and open for you to sign up - get stuck into your free one month trial now!

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions for us. We'd love to hear from you.