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Curriculum-aligned, differentiated resources tied to the award-winning kids daily news podcast.
Made by educators, loved by home-educators around Australia.

Squiz Kids for Schools + Home Education

Can Squiz Kids For Schools be used in home education? It sure can!

It's already being used by home educators around Australia, and we know that home educators value the emphasis we place on critical thinking about the news; the way that we provide literacy tasks with a connection to current events; and that with Squiz Kids Shortcuts and Squiz the World, we give you and your children a well-researched launching pad to explore more.

Squiz The World

An audio excursion to a new country each fortnight. Learn about the culture, geography, history, politics and language of our fellow humans — with activities to extend understanding.

Kids Shortcuts

A fortnightly podcast that dives into a high-interest news topic, with aligned comprehension activities.

Squiz Kids Today

Ad-free access to our award-winning, news podcast - a fun, fresh, kid-friendly take on the news of the day.

The Classroom Companion

Levelled literacy activities connected to the latest Squiz Kids Today podcast. Print or assign digitally as an editable PDF. We cover comprehension, inference, connection, summarising, vocabulary building, grammar, punctuation, and more.

What do home educators say...

"Helps my child engage with and think about a variety of events and topics while also building their literacy skills.
Many of the syllabus objectives for English, HSIE & PDH are touched on in the Classroom Companion."

Michelle P., Home Educator

Why use Squiz Kids For Schools in home education?

We use news and current affairs to engage primary-age students in the Australian curriculum.

We motivate kids to write by providing a nationwide audience for their work.

We help kids become critical consumers of media, and develop a strong foundation of knowledge about the world around them.

Our podcasts and activities get kids off screens, instead developing their listening, speaking, and writing skills.

We are created by teachers, for teachers.

Why not get started?

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions for us. We'd love to hear from you.