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Operation Animal Rescue; Poland opens its arms; Remembering a cricket legend; and move over Wordle, there’s a new app in town.



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As the flood waters that devastated large parts of Australia’s east coast began to recede, and the full extent of damage was revealed – from Brisbane’s battered inner-suburbs to Lismore’s catastrophic CBD and down to Sydney’s western outskirts – another menacing weather system was building off the coast of NSW yesterday, threatening to wreak new havoc.

But amid the tales of destruction, there were rays of sunshine too: as neighbours helped neighbours, strangers pitched in to help and stories began to emerge of remarkable rescue missions. 

Including the egg farmer from Queensland who – with the help of his neighbours used a tractor’s front loader bucket and a couple of kayaks to move almost 2,000 hens to high ground – safe from rising floodwaters.

But none brought a smile to our face more than that of DJ the miracle dog. 

Last Tuesday, at the height of the flood crisis, DJ fell into floodwaters as his family was being rescued by helicopter from the roof of their house on the NSW north coast. DJ’s family was devastated – they’d already lost their house, and they thought they’d lost their furry best friend too. 

But three days later, a neighbour told them that he thought he’d seen DJ the border collie alive. 

The chances of a dog surviving three days and nights in the water seemed pretty slim… but DJ’s human Dad wasn’t going to give up on him. 

After a six hour mission using a jetski and a boat, he found DJ on top of a pile of metal that had once been a garden shed. 

Even better, he helped to rescue TEN other dogs, and SIX cats! 

DJ was exhausted, starving, and dehydrated, but his family says he hasn’t stopped smiling since being reunited with them. 

And yes, because it’s a Monday and there’s lots of not-very-nice news around so we all needed to be reminded that after the rain, the sun shines – , there are links to photos of chickens-in-a-kayak and a grinning DJ the dog in your episode notes. If they don’t bring a smile to YOUR Monday, I don’t know what will. 



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops … and today, we’ve landed in Poland .. where villages on the country’s southern border continue to fill Ukrainian mothers and their children escaping the war in their homeland.

Yesterday it was estimated some 1.5 million refugees had fled Ukraine as its neighbouring country, Russia continues its invasion.

A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their home –  often by war – and try to find refuge – which is a fancy word for safety and shelter – in another country.  

In one small village on the Polish border, thousands of Ukrainians cross the border every day – in buses, cars and even by foot. 

The queue of cars waiting to cross into Poland stretches almost 15 kilometres long, with reports say many are waiting up to 40 hours in freezing winter conditions to get to safety.

It’s prompted many people all over the world to reach out and try to help. One woman in England put a post on Facebook asking for donations of blankets, food and other essentials – and days later, collected enough stuff to fill an 18-tonne truck and nine vans – which she has sent across the European continent en route to Poland – because even in the darkest moments, humanity can still shine through.




The sporting world – and the country in general – was rocked over the weekend following the sudden death of Aussie cricketing great, Shane Warne. 

Dubbed the ‘spin king’ for his remarkable abilities as a leg-spinning bowler, Warnie – as he was affectionately known – was widely loved – both for his larrikin spirit and his incredible talent on the cricket pitch. 

A larrikin is Aussie slang for someone who is a little bit mischievous, but basically good-hearted.

And judging by the large pile of flowers that built up over the weekend at Warnie’s statue at the MCG and the many, many tributes that were posted to social media by well-known sportspeople, politicians and celebrities – his was a sporting life that touched thousands of people – both here in Australia and around the world.

In his 15 years of being an Aussie cricketer, Warnie took a remarkable 708 Test wickets. But he was also a dad to three kids – who now have to come to terms with life without their father. 

The Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, yesterday confirmed a state funeral had been offered to Warnie’s family. A state funeral is a funeral ceremony that is open to all members of the public – offered when someone well-known or someone who has made a significant contribution to a country passes away. 

Meanwhile: social media will continue to be flooded with messages from people all over the world saying RIP Shane Warne. RIP means Rest In Peace – which is what we all hope the King of Spin is now able to do.




Are you surrounded by people doing Wordle? Can’t get your parents’ attention because they’re too busy trying to guess the word of the day? Do you have a sinking suspicion your talents lie more in the song guessing department? Then you’ll be relieved to learn there’s a new app in town.

It’s called Heardle – see what they did there? – and it was making headlines over the weekend as more and more people started playing. In six guesses, after hearing six sound clips, you’ve got to guess the name of a randomly selected pop song. 

We crashed out without getting even close to yesterday’s selected song – a Kanye West classic. But as with Wordle – the wildly popular word guessing game – there’s always tomorrow … fingers crossed it’s a 1980s song…




Have you ever wondered why a banana is curved? Or how a potato starts its life if it has no seeds?

Well now you can find out, thanks to our podcast partner, Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be strapping on our gumboots and heading out to the farm to talk to Aussie farmers to find out where our food comes from.

First up – we’ll be heading to South Australia, where farmer Marco will walk us through the process of growing potatoes. And the week after that, we’re off to Victoria to meet orange and mandarin farmer Tommy. 

And like the digital Discovery Tours – these farm visits are interactive: meaning we want to ask the farmers questions you’ve sent in. 

So if you have a question for Marco the potato farmer or Tommy the orange farmer – send it through now to [email protected].

Meanwhile: teachers head over to now to request a free classroom kit – and bring the fantastic world of fresh food to your classroom.




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Name the Australian cricketing legend whose remarkable life was being remembered over the weekend? 
  2. What breed of dog is DJ the miracle flood pooch?
  3. What’s the name of the song guessing app inspired by Wordle?




It’s March 7 … and on this day 88 years ago, the board game Monopoly was invented – it’s National Cereal Day in the United States – because who doesn’t love cereal?

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … 

Janvi from Forest Lake, Dominic from Mount Gravatt, Charlie from Heidelberg, Arty from Rose Park, Jonathan from Darling Point, Oscar from Abbotsford, Cleo from Bowral, Anthony from Castle Hill, Charlie from Yass and twins Meg and Niamh (Neve) from Drysdale. 

And a belated birthday wish to Cooper from Hammond Park. 

Classroom shout outs go to …class 4F at Narrandera Public School, class 5/6S and Mr Simone at Mt Riverview Public School, class 6S with Mrs Sirohi at Kings Langley Public School and lastly to Ms Przinova’s class the 1/2 Penguins at Tempe Public School. 

And finally a very big welcome to the Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 at Mt Carmel School in Yass who have signed up as fully fledged Squiz Kids for Schools members. Amanda enjoyed her visit with you last week and we’re thrilled to have you onboard. 


The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Shane Warne
  2. Border Collie
  3. Heardle