Friday, 25 March, 2022

 Kakadu returned to Aboriginal owners; no school for Afghan girls; the possum rescued at sea; and why we all need to fart. 



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It was an historic day in the Kakadu National Park yesterday, as nearly half of the world famous park was handed back to its Aboriginal traditional owners. 

The Kakadu is one of the most famous national parks in Australia. 

Located in the Northern Territory, about an hour’s drive from the capital Darwin, it’s a magical place of soaring red cliffs, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful billabongs filled with lily pads, brolgas and crocs.

It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the NT. And yesterday, it was handed back to its traditional owners.

What does that mean? It means instead of the park being the property of the NT government, it will once again belong to the people who have lived there for more than 60,000 years. It means that those traditional owners will have a greater say in how the park is managed.

What does it mean for people like you or I who might like to visit the park one day and take in all of the amazing nature it has to offer? 

The park will continue to be open to visitors, with it being jointly managed now by Parks Australia and traditional owners. 

Because who doesn’t want the chance to smile at a crocodile?



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops .. and today we’ve landed in Afghanistan, where thousands and thousands of girls showed up to school yesterday… and were told to go home. 

You might remember that last August, the Taliban—a religious group known for its very strict interpretation of Islamic law —took over Afghanistan. The last time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, from 1996-2001, they did not allow ANY girls to go to school… nor women to have jobs. 

Since August, they’ve allowed primary schools to remain open to girls. And they had promised that from yesterday, girls aged over 11 would be allowed to go back to high school. But now, they’ve broken that promise. Girls who had woken up with excitement to see their friends – were sent back home in tears. 

Even though you might grumble sometimes about having to get up and go to school… just stop for a moment and think about how lucky you are to even have that opportunity. 

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Possums being rescued … not such a big news story right? But a possum needing to be rescued at sea? Now that needs a closer look.

A scuba diving instructor from Portsea in Victoria couldnt quite believe his ears when he got a call to head out to sea and retrieve a possum that was clinging to a buoy.

And when I say buoy – i mean b-u-o-y – an anchored float – not a small person of the male variety.  

The diving instructor approached the waterlogged marsupial carefully, snatched it up in a net, and took it back to shore to set it free.

He reckoned it had probably been hiding out on someone’s boat while it was tied up a jetty – and gotten a fright and jumped off into the water when the boat started to move.

Possum sea patrol .. it’s officially a thing.

And of course there’s a link to video of the poor possum clinging to a buoy in today’s episode notes …




A Brazilian pop star has gone viral on the internet after sharing an Instagram post urging girls to fart.

Ah yes, it must be a Friday… there’s a fart story …

Brazilian pop star Pocah urged her 15 million Instagram followers to break wind whenever they felt the need … to not hold it in. Because she had held it in for too long and gotten so sick in her stomach that she had to be taken to hospital! 

Oh dear.

Pocah said she had been reluctant to fart in front of her boyfriend. But said that flatulence was a natural body function and that everyone does it.

And look – that may be as such – but that’s not an invitation to let rip wherever and whenever you like. For the sake of every adult listening with you right now: be they teacher or parent – try to exercise a little bit of self control. Thank you …




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which country has banned girls from going to school?
  2. What sort of animal had to be rescued floating on a buoy at sea?
  3. What did a Brazilian pop star urge her Instagram followers to do so they don’t get a sore tummy?




It’s March 25 … and a very happy Greek Independence Day to the half-a-million Aussies with Greek heritage! As luck would have it, Amanda’s just taken a trip to Greece in this week’s Squiz The World –  a new subscriber segment where each week, we take a 10 minute audio excursion to a different country on the globe. Available as part of your Squiz Kids for Schools subscription, or to families who have signed up to our Apple Podcast Subscriber Specials. Not a member? Jump into a free 30 trial – links in the episode notes.

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