Friday, 25 February, 2022

Families flee Ukraine; Denmark’s mystery kangaroo; getting paid to stay off social media; and the chicken wedding guest.



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Imagine waking up one morning and being told by your mum and dad you’ve got to pack a bag and get in the car. Imagine then sitting in a long queue of other cars, all packed with families just like yours, as you drive to another country – not knowing when or if you’ll be coming back to your house. Because that’s what many thousands of kids in Ukraine faced when they woke up yesterday morning, after neighbouring country Russia sent troops across the border and fired missiles into some of Ukraine’s major cities.

Even though it had been widely expected, the Russian invasion of Ukraine still sent shockwaves around the world – with world leaders yesterday condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for what many of them called an ‘unprovoked’ attack.

The streets of Ukraine’s main cities became quickly clogged with cars and its public transport routes were overrun as people rushed to escape the country and find refuge in neighbouring, friendly countries like Poland and Slovakia. 

It’s all happening a long way away – and down here in Australia, we’re lucky to be well out of harm’s way – but as the Ukrainian army prepares for war and world leaders warn the continent of Europe could be facing its darkest time since World War II, let’s spare a thought for the many, many Ukranian kids facing an uncertain future this morning.



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops …and today we’ve landed in Denmark … ah that’s nice, I like Denmark … where a kangaroo has been spotted hopping about the countryside.

Wait … what? A kangaroo? In Denmark? Yes indeed. Australia’s most famous native animal has hopped its way into the headlines in Denmark – even though no one knows where it came from or how it came to be there. 

A driver simply spotted the marsupial hopping across a field in the south of the country and took video footage of it.  None of the local zoos or wildlife parks are missing a roo – and to the best of the Danish authorities knowledge, there are no registered private owners of roos. So how did it get there? Rest assured we’ll stay on this story: and if something hops up to help explain it – see what i did there? – we’ll be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile there’s a link in today’s episode notes to video of the wayward roo.



Hands up if you know someone who uses social media? Hands up if YOU use social media? (Kids, take a look at your teachers and parents… I’m guessing most of them have a hand in the air…)

Now, I wonder how much money it would take to convince those people to give up social media for six years? That’s right, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no Facebook, no Twitter,  for six … whole… years. 

Well, there’s one American teenager who is $2,500 dollars richer – after – just before his 13th birthday, he took a bet with his Mum that he couldn’t stay off social media until he turned 18. This week, he turned 18 and won the bet! American teen Sivert Klefsaas says he didn’t feel like he missed much by avoiding social media: his friends kept him up on any important trends or news, and he had the added bonus of avoiding the drama that often goes along with social media. Because yes indeed: there can be drama. He also got to spend more time doing sport and schoolwork, and is now heading off to university. And yes, now he has downloaded Instagram… but he and his Mum say that now he’s older, he’s able to better control himself on the app. Hmm… $2500… I wonder if that would tempt my kids …




Weddings are such lovely affairs … brides, grooms, family, friends – all gathered together to celebrate love – and watch a chicken carry the ring down the aisle …

At least that’s the request that one wedding celebrant in Moreton Bay in Queensland has been given by a couple who want their wedding rings to be carried down the aisle by an actual chicken.

You see: they are the proud owners of a chicken – but she’s considered too crazy to carry out the ring-bearing duties. So they’ve asked the woman whose job it is to declare them man and wife to find a local stunt chicken capable of carrying their wedding rings down the aisle without wandering off to peck at the ground. 

The search has even gone online – with the couple posting on social media – prompting a flood of responses, including one chicken that had its own manager and wanted $3000 for the gig. 

Clearly I’m in the wrong business. 




The Squiz Kids listener community stretches far and wide across this glorious country of ours – and even stretches across the seas to take in listeners in all sorts of far-flung locations. So we created Squiz Kids Correspondents – a sort of audio pen pal concept – to bring you all closer together and share what life is like where you live. 

We’ve had Squiz Kids Correspondents report in from Switzerland, England, China and Singapore. And today – we’re visiting Annabelle in beautiful Geelong in Victoria. 

Remember: if you want to become a Squiz Kids Correspondent: it’s super easy. Just follow the instructions in today’s episode notes, record yourself on your nearest smart device and send your audio to us here at [email protected]

Take it away Annabelle ..  




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which Aussie animal has popped up unexpectedly in Denmark?
  2. What did a mum in the United States pay her teenager to stay off for six years?
  3. What unusual animal has a couple in Queensland chosen to be the ring bearer at their wedding?




It’s February 25 .. birthday of rugby league player, David Fifita – and this coming Sunday, you may be interested to know, is International Polar Bear Day .. to raise awareness of how amazing these creatures are and how climate change is impacting their existence. Check out the link in today’s episode notes. 

It’s also a Friday – and you know what that means …a good excuse to crack out the birthday reggae tune .. hit it .. 

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … 

Ewan from Drysdale, Cameron from Marrickville, Bronte from Cannon Hill, Hunter from Quirindi, Nikki from Windsor and Aidan from Broken Hill. 

And it’s happy birthday to the following Squiz Kids celebrating their birthdays over the coming weekend… Kobe from Caroline Springs, Hermione from Annandale, Jaqueel (pronounced Jack-eel) from Broken Hill, Evie from Rose Bay, Anna from Moonee Ponds, Ishaan from West Pennant Hills, Jasper from Walpole and Matthew from Narbethong State Special School. 

And finally a special shout out to our newest fully fledged Squiz Kids for Schools subscriber  – Suya Huang and her son David from Melbourne. Welcome aboard – we are very happy to have you. 


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