Friday, 22 July, 2022

The apps tracking our kids; Peter Bol’s big race; how words can hurt; and how to study Harry Styles.



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Another day, another warning to kids and their parents about popular apps that collect data on their users and store it for future use.

Star Wars Pinball 7, Dr Panda’s Swimming Pool, Pepi Play, My Town and Animal Hair Salon were among popular kids apps named in a report released yesterday showing that many online games collect personal information about users to pass on to their parent company – often in an overseas country – or to hand over to advertisers.

Now, I know at your age, you’re thinking: woopty doo. So what if some company wants to gather information about me – it’s worth it if I get to play my favourite game? 

But the authors of the report have warned that by the time the average child reaches the age of 13, some 72 million pieces of information about them will have been collected via the apps and online games they play. 

Which is a lot.

Watch this space now as law makers start to draw up rules and regulations to protect vulnerable users … and yes, I’m talking about you lot.

And just for something completely different … not … NSW and south-east Queensland will today be battening down the hatches for a weekend of wild weather – with damaging winds, rain and wild seas all predicted. 

And while a cold snap has been forecast for most of the east coast of the nation, spare a thought for all the Squiz Kids in Tasmania … where yesterday, temperatures were predicted to drop to as low as minus 2 degrees in Launceston …. brrrrr.


Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops … and today we’ve landed in the Netherlands, where researchers have made a surprising discovery about the power of unkind words. It turns out that an insult causes your brain to react the same way it would if someone slapped you in the face! The scientists attached wires to people and read them three statements: a compliment, an insult, and a simple fact. The insult hurt – even if it was made about someone else. So remember, folks: it’s cool to be kind. 



He was one of the breakout stars of the Tokyo Olympics with an 800 metre run that stopped the nation … and now Peter Bol is getting ready to do it all over again at the World Athletic Championships being held in America.

After winning his heat yesterday, the Western Australian athlete has made it into the semi-finals – which he will run today at midday.

Peter comfortably won his heat, managing to even outrun the defending 800m mens’ world champion, Donavan Brazier.

Since coming fourth in the event at the Tokyo Olympics last year, Peter has trained hard and risen to be ranked number three in the world for his event – behind two Kenyan runners. 

C’mon Pete … you got this! 

And don’t forget .. a very special Squiz Kids Shortcut on the Commonwealth Games drops today … the perfect way to get across all the history, key events and our best medal hopes for the big event which kicks off next Thursday in Birmingham, England. Free to all our Squiz Kids for Schools classroom subscribers or parents who’ve subscribed via our Apple Podcasts … links to free trials of both are in today’s episode notes. 



I know it’s a long way off – but a bunch of you when you finish high school might choose to go to university – and that’s a place where you can study all sorts of amazing things.

Including, as of yesterday, former boy band singer Harry Styles.

A university in Texas in the United States has this week announced it will be offering a course in Harry Styles. Or to be more specific – a course examining how and why celebrity rock stars are so popular and what impact they have on pop culture generally. 

The university lecturer – or teacher – taking the course reckons studying Styles as a cultural phenomenum now would be similar to studying The Beatles back in the sixties. Which is a reference that  probably won’t mean much to most of you – but your parents and teachers will understand what he’s getting at.

A uni course that requires you to watch music videos and attend concerts? Where do I sign up?


This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. How many metres long is the race that Aussie athlete Peter Bol will run at the World Athletic Championships today?
  2. In which city in Tasmania was the temperature predicted to reach minus 2 degrees yesterday?
  3. Which former boy band pop star will be the subject of a university course next year?




It’s July 22 … It’s World Brain Day AND it’s National Pyjama Day … surely that means the best thing we can do for our brains is stay in bed all day?

It’s also a Friday – and you know what that means? Lots of birthday shoutouts for which we’ll crack out the ol’ birthday reggae tune … 

The following Squiz Kids are celebrating a birthday today… Alice from Corndale, Coby from Wollongong, Charlotte from Nar Nar Goon North, Brooklyn from Quirindi, Isobella from Broken Hill, Harvey and Jacob – best friends from Sydney and Jim from Mornington, who is today’s featured Squiz Kid on our instagram feed. Our handle is @squizkids – check it out and don’t forget to give us a follow! 

A belated shout out goes to Brae from Woonona. 

Celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… Allana from the Gold Coast, Megan (pronounced Meg-an) from Perth, Jayla from Ashmont, Owen from Denistone East, Evan from Footscray, Henry from Paradise Point, James from The Rock, Jack from Craigburn, Damon from Baldivis, Spencer travelling around Australia, Eliza from Pottsville and Jordan from Forest Lake. 

And because so many of you celebrated your birthday over the school holidays … we have the last of the belated holiday birthday shout outs -… Mia from Canberra, Rosie from Tamworth, Gigi from Perth, Lily and Adelynn from Forest Lake, Harold and Husdon from Five Dock, Jonathan and Eden from Albany Hills, Caleb from Gympie, Charlie from the Gold Coast, Harry and Samara from Coogee, Nella from Suffolk Park and Sam from South Turramurra.  

It’s Friday but the following are special request shout outs and who am i to disappoint …. to Harvey and George from North Ainslie Primary School who are leaving for an adventure in America – you will be missed. Also moving to America is Hazel from class 3ST at Fitzroy North Primary School – good luck in Philadelphia Hazel.  And finally a shout out to class 2F at Newbridge Heights Public School – your teacher Mrs Feiss would like to announce some very exciting news – she is having a baby girl! Awwww. Congratulations Mrs Feiss!! … 

The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. 800m
  2. Launceston
  3. Harry Styles