Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Strap yourselves into the Squiz Kids Super Fast Supersonic Jetliner as we take off and take a squiz at France.

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A news podcast for 8-12yos. In just a few minutes, we give kids (and their adults) a rundown on the big news events delivered free of opinion, and with positivity and humour. Designed to slip easily into families’ morning routines, a new episode will drop at 7am each weekday.

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Kerri B.,Year 5/6 teacher, Woongarrah Public School, NSW

“The resources are easy to find and quick to prepare. I love the levelled aspect of the worksheets.”

Christy H., Year 5/6 teacher, Exeter Public, NSW

“Helps my child engage with and think about a variety of events and topics while also building their literacy skills. Many of the syllabus objectives for English, HSIE & PDH are touched on in the Classroom Companion."

Michelle P., Home Educator

The Squiz Kids Podcast

Squiz Kids is your shortcut to the world around you. A quick news podcast for curious kids, it’s your weekday news fix that’s fun and fresh.