"I have two secs to devote to news in the morning...You’re the perfect news grab."

The Squiz

The Squiz was born from a love of news.

Quite simply, we want to give busy people a quick and easy way to keep up with the news. The result is our weekday email and podcast, Squiz Today. It’s your shortcut to being informed.

The Squiz Today email is in your inbox each weekday at 6 am, with a short, sharp and opinion-free wrap up of the day's headlines. Onboard? Sign up here.

The Squiz Today podcast is a short daily news podcast designed to fit into your morning routine – it's perfect for the commute, the gym or over a coffee.

We then developed our second podcast - Squiz Shortcuts. Squiz Shortcuts gives you the context to the news, big personalities and historical events that need some explaining. Squiz Shortcuts is a short-form podcast and written explainer on topics that can have a lot of assumed knowledge.

And after a lot of positive feedback from Squiz parents, we're proud to bring you Squiz Kids - a news podcast just for kids.

At The Squiz, we live and breathe news and consume it for fun, but we know that you have many other things to do. So we’ve taken our passion and your need for a trusted place to get the facts and the result is The Squiz. We hope you enjoy.