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Each week we take a deep dive into a high-interest news or current affairs topic, answering kids' burning questions about everything from the Olympics to Islam. A new episode is released every Monday morning.


Looking for curriculum-aligned comprehension activities for each shortcut? We've got you covered. And check the episode notes for more resources to dig deeper.


Your Shortcut to… Vanquished Viruses and Banished Bacteria

We’ll take you through WHAT illnesses people used to worry about, HOW they treated them, and WHY we don’t have to fear them as much today. So let’s plunge into the Petrie dish of pestilence and find out. For the full episode transcript, click here.

Squiz Kids Shortcuts dive into the who, what, when, where, why and how of the big news stories.


Your Shortcut to… Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons

January 30, 2024

Your shortcut to… Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons. LINKS: Cyclone Experiment – Cyclone in a bottle: https://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/185919/Cyclone,-cyclone-experiment,-junior,-final.pdf How do hurricanes form:…

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Your Shortcut to… Australia Day 2024

January 22, 2024
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Your Shortcut to… Roller Coasters

January 15, 2024

They used to be known as “Russian mountains”… Australians spend millions on them every year … and on some, it’s impossible not to scream. We’ll take you through when rollercoasters were first invented; why people don’t fall out when they go upside down; and where you can find some of the craziest coasters.

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Your Shortcut to… Ice Cream

January 8, 2024

Australians eat 20 litres of it per year … it wouldn’t be possible without science … and there are some seriously weird varieties. We’ll take you through WHEN ice cream was invented… HOW science helps us make it even more delicious … and WHAT are the freakiest flavours.

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Your Shortcut to… New Year’s Around the World

January 1, 2024

A good one could involve an empty suitcase… 12 grapes… or special coloured underwear. We’ll take you through what we think are some of the most interesting traditions observed on December 31; where in the world New Year is celebrated on different dates; and why humans care so much about turning over the calendar.

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Your Shortcut to… Christmas Traditions Around the World

December 25, 2023

Two billion people celebrate it each year… some in rollerskates… and some with a 12 course meal, which ends with dessert stuck to the ceiling. Over the next two weeks, people in 160 countries will be doing all sorts of things to celebrate Christmas. We’ll take you through where in the world some of our favourite Chrissie traditions are celebrated; what kinds of Christmas food different cultures eat; and why you should watch out for the Krampus.

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Ned Kelly

November 28, 2023

He robbed banks … saved and took lives… and threw parties for his hostages. As we approach the 142nd anniversary this month of Ned Kelly’s death, we’ll take you through HOW he became Australia’s most wanted bushranger; WHY so many people thought of him as a hero; and WHAT that metal armour was all about.

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Your Shortcut to… Climate Change and COP28

November 28, 2023

Your shortcut to… Climate Change and COP28 LINKS: Classroom Resource 1 – All About Acronyms: https://www.squizkids.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Climate-Change-Shortcut_ACRONYMS.pdf Classroom Resource 2 –…

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The Circle of Life

November 14, 2023

In New Orleans, funerals involve a massive street party with music… in South Korea, people might be turned into jewelry… and in Japan, the dead have their favourite foods served to them every August. We’ll take you through WHY we are doing a shortcut on the circle of life; WHAT happens when you die; but mostly we’ll spend most of the pod looking at HOW different cultures celebrate their loved ones when they pass away.

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Your Shortcut to,,, Bushfires

November 14, 2023

Your shortcut to… Bushfires LINKS: Australian Fire Danger Rating System: https://afdrs.com.au/ Top 10 fire retardant plants for each state: https://www.ozbreed.com.au/articles/top-10-fire-retardant-plants-by-state/…

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