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Squiz Kids 'Solar' System

Each day at 3:30pm, we upload three versions of the Daily Download, aligned to the next day’s Squiz Kids Today podcast.

Watch this 3 minute video on how to best make use of Squiz Kids for Schools.

What’s the story with your astrological symbols?


Targets students who are very strong year 2s, middle to high year 3s, and year 4s who need extra support.


Aimed at strong year 3s, middle to high year 4s, and year 5s who need extra support.


Generally speaking, aimed at year 5s and 6s, but asks the kind of open-ended questions that high school students would also need to reflect on before answering.

What will the Classroom Companion cover?

We've painstakingly gone through the entire English curriculum and mapped out a term of content that covers pretty much every language and literacy content elaboration for years 3-6.

Click here to get the Term 1 2022 Classroom Companion Plan a printable schedule if you want to make sure you don't miss suffixes and prefixes; identifying the language of reporting versus the language of opinion; you get the idea.

If you don't need the granular detail, then overall, the weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday: Comprehension and writer's craft

Tuesday: Listening and speaking, and writing conventions

Wednesday: Critical thinking and writer's craft

Thursday: Comprehension and writing conventions

Friday: Listening and speaking, and writer's craft.

What are these Optional Extras you’ve got?

We’re teachers. We get it. Sometimes you just need your students to practice their summary skills, or find the main idea and supporting details.

Perhaps they need help getting the hang of taking notes (not writing the entire first sentence verbatim, and missing the rest… sound familiar?).

We’ve created resources that will work with any episode of Squiz Kids Today, as well as videos, classroom texts, and guest speakers—so you can use them whenever the mood strikes you.

Why should I use the Classroom Companion?

Kids will love it, because it’s a fun, fresh way to build and practice literacy skills.

You’ll love it, because it’ll save you a ton of time.

Your relief teacher will love it, because the kids will know just what to do.

And your principal will love it, because it’s aligned to the curriculum, and focuses on many of the same skills as Naplan (but in a much more enjoyable way…)

Ok, sounding good. Got some quick stats I can use to get my principal on board?

Sure do. We've put together some quick info here, so it's easy to download as a PDF and send on to your decision-makers: Squiz Kids for Schools - for principals. And if we can help with any questions, or any other info drop us a line [email protected].