Wednesday, 3 June, 2020

Here comes the snow!; Sheffield’s amazing marathon kid; kick-off time for soccer kids; and Rosie does lemonade scones.






As the protests in America entered their seventh straight day yesterday, President Donald Trump found himself under fire once again after riot police in the American capital, Washington DC used tear gas and rubber bullets on a crowd of peaceful protestors to clear a path for the President to have a photo shoot outside a church near the White House. An Australian TV reporter and her cameraman were caught up in the scramble, with the cameraman being hit by advancing police and struck by rubber bullets. Cities across American continue to be paralysed by the protests – which start peacefully during the day but descend into chaos at night.

Holy ugg boots it’s cold out there! How cold? It’s snow cold! The first snow of winter fell on Australia’s ski fields yesterday with Thredbo in New South Wales waking to a winter wonderland while across the border in Victoria, the ski resort of Mount Hotham received 10 centimetres of snow as the temperature there dropped to minus 3 degrees. And it wasn’t just the Snowy Mountains that was copping a dusting of the white stuff. Further north on the NSW Central Tablelands, in a place called Barrington Tops, the gum trees were all dusted in a light layer of white while folks in Armidale woke to find snow falling outside their windows. Rug up out there!



Each day, we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops, and today, we’ve landed in the city of Sheffield, in England, where 9-year-old Tobias Weller has just walked a marathon and raised money for a local hospital. And while that feat alone is impressive, consider this. Tobias has cerebral palsy, which is a condition that affects the brain and impacts the ability to move. As a result, Tobias relies on a walking frame to get from A to B. After watching 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore raise millions of dollars for doctors and nurses by walking laps of his garden, Tobias resolved to walk the distance of a marathon – approximately 42 kilometres – up and down his street. 

It took him 70 days to walk the 42 kilometres. When he started out, he was only able to do 50 metres a day. By the end, he was walking up to 750 metres a day. In the process, he raised almost $150,000 – and became the toast of his town, with neighbours coming outside each day to cheer him on.

“Every bit of it has been totally awesome,” said Tobias. Just like you, Tobias. Just like you. 





Soccer playing kids in NSW … there’s light at the end of this COVID shutdown tunnel – with news yesterday Football NSW is pushing for games for community clubs to resume by mid-July.

The organisation is hoping to have the 350,000 young NSW soccer enthusiasts enrolled in clubs around the state back on the field and training by July 1, with a hopeful restart of competition a fortnight later. And we’ll keep an ear out for sport in other states as new announcements are made. 

And fans of cars that go really fast will be excited to learn the Formula One season restart has been confirmed – and, some might say, turbo charged. Clearly wanting to make up for time lost during the lockdown, Formula One will stage eight races over a nine week period in cities across Europe, kicking off with the Austrian Grand Prix on July 3.




In a show of support for protesters around the world calling for an end to racism, some of the world’s biggest artists and their music labels took part in an industry blackout – as a sign of respect for George Floyd, the black man who died at the hands of police last week in the American city of Minneapolis.

Using the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused, music industry giants including Universal, Warner Music and Sony all participated in Blackout Tuesday – an effort that included not releasing new music and expressing support for America’s Black community. 

It follows a weekend where the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Rhianna and Ariana Grande have all posted videos or taken part in street marches in solidarity with protesters. 




Every Wednesday, we stick our head into the Squiz Kids kitchen to see what Rosie’s been cooking this week. And rather happily for me, it’s a batch of THE most delicious scones .. which are made with … wait for it … a splash of lemonade. Lemonade scones! Brilliant! Lemonade is the secret ingredient in a recipe that Rosie has borrowed from Country Women’s Association stalwart, Muriel Halsted. And they’re good. 

The recipe plus photos of the process and finished product are all on the Squiz Kids website.

Don’t forget: if you have a favourite recipe that YOU like to cook that you’d like Rosie to try… AND to feature in this segment – be sure to send it to: [email protected].

And a huge thanks to all of you who have sent in recipes so far – we’re working our way through them and will get to you all as soon as we can – promise!




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which well-known ski resort in Victoria received 10 centimetres of snow yesterday? 
  2. What’s the name of the city in England where marathon kid, Tobias Weller lives?
  3. Which car racing sport will restart its 2020 season with a Grand Prix in Austria? 




It’s June the 3rd … today is World Bicycle Day – so if you have one, hop on it. It’s also tennis player Rafael Nadal’s birthday. 

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today… Emily from Brisbane, Chloe from Mudgee, Seraiah from Lowanna, Dougie from Allambie Heights, Amelie, Darren, Sabrina and Matthew from Sydney, Henry from Frankston South, Harper from Wollongong, Andrew from Dural, Peter from Caulfield South, Luca from Melbourne, Lachlan from Booroobin, Charlotte from Neutral Bay, Ashleigh from Putney, Sam from Inverell, Meii from Galston, Matilda from Orange and Mikhail from Woongarrah. 

And some belated birthday shoutouts…  Liam from Bolton Point, Alina from Ballan and Charlotte from NSW. 

Happy birthday to you all.  

Today’s classroom shoutouts:  Classes 3C, 5CR, 6AT AND 6BN from Randwick Public School, Year 4 at Immaculate Heart School, class 6G from St Pius Catholic Primary School in Banyo, and 5/6A and 5/6W at Dubbo North Public School.

The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Mount Hotham
  2. Sheffield
  3. Formula One