Wednesday, 18 November, 2020

Good news on the vaccine front; the world’s biggest Lego set; it’s State of Origin decider time; and Billie Eilish headlines Aussie music awards. 




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The great global vaccine race stepped it up another notch yesterday with the announcement by the US drug company, Moderna, that it had developed a COVID vaccine that was 95% effective.

The good news comes only a week after another drug company, Pfizer, announced it had developed a vaccine that was 90% effective. 

There’s still some months to go before either vaccine – or any others that might come along – would be ready to be sent out into the world – but it’s a welcome ray of hope amidst news that cases of coronavirus in places like the United States and Europe are spiking again. 

It was a happy day yesterday too for the four astronauts aboard the SpaceX rocket ship ‘Resilience’. Their spacecraft met up with the International Space Station and the four scientists clambered aboard the place they will now call home for the next few months. 

Why is the SpaceX program such a big deal? Think of it like a taxi service for astronauts – a rocket NASA is  hiring to get its people up into space. And the possibilities for a service like that are as vast as the night’s sky itself. 

I’ve stuck a bunch of links in today’s episode notes to videos of the SpaceX capsule making its way through space, docking with the International Space Station and the crew members transferring from capsule to station. Japanese crew member Soichi Noguchi can be seen entering the International Space Station with a baby Yoda toy .. because where else does Yoda belong but in space?




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story wherever it stops … and today we’ve landed in Denmark … where the creators of Lego have unveiled their biggest creation yet.

It’s a Lego Colosseum – a replica of the famous Roman stadium where gladiators used to fight back in Ancient Rome. And get this: it’s a Lego set that contains 9,036 pieces – making it the biggest one the company has ever produced.

Bigger even than the Millennium Falcon Lego set – which only has a paltry 7,541 pieces. Pffft.

Once fully constructed, the Lego Colosseum measures almost 30 cms high and 52 cms wide. 

Sounds like you’d need a spare room just to build it.

And with a $750 price tag: it’s maybe more of a substantial investment than a Christmas stocking filler?

There’s a link in today’s episode notes to a video of the mega-build. You’re welcome. 




There was a last minute shuffling of the decks yesterday as both coaches for tonight’s State of Origin made final selections for their starting lineups.

With one game apiece, tonight’s match in Brisbane will decide who wins the series – and sparks are expected to fly.

Maroons coach Wayne Bennett yesterday ruled out star winger, Xavier Coates due to injury – to be replaced on the wing by Edrick Lee, making his Origin debut. 

And while star fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen was widely expected to make the starting line-up for the Blues, coach Brad Fittler appears to have decided to stick with the team that got the job done last week. 

With COVID restrictions in Queensland mostly relaxed, a capacity crowd of 52,000 is expected at the stadium. I’m going to guess most of them will be wearing maroon.




In what organisers are rightly describing as a ‘great get’, there was news yesterday that the mistress of melancholy herself, Billie Eilish will be the headline act at next week’s ARIA Awards.

The American singer-songwriter – who I sometimes think sounds like she’s about to fall asleep even as she sings – will beam in via satellite from her home in Los Angeles to perform her new single. So too will Chandelier and Titanium singer-songwriter, Sia – who will also contribute a socially-distant performance from Los Angeles to proceedings. 

The ARIA awards are happening next Wednesday night and will be on the telly. What are you going to wear?




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This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. What’s the name of the SpaceX capsule that docked yesterday with the International Space Station?
  2. What famous ancient structure in Rome has been replicated in a 9,000 piece Lego set?
  3. Name the awesome American singer who will be headlining next week’s ARIA Awards?




It’s November 18 … Mickey Mouse’s birthday … he turns 92 today – looks pretty good for his age … and it’s Minecraft’s 9th birthday. Woo-hoo. 

It’s also only 37 sleeps ‘til Christmas … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … Olivia from Glenbrook, Jerry from Eastwood, Ella from Craigburn, Tahlia from Blacktown, Kriteeka from Perth, Mia from Roseville, Narendra from Albany Hills, Giselle from Longueville, Ollie from Semaphore, Annabel and Elizabeth from Robina, Olivia from Daw Park and Zaelia all the way from Hong Kong. 

And some belated birthday shoutout to…. Harvey from Singleton and Alexis from Revesby

Happy birthday to you all. 

Today’s classroom shoutouts… Mr Inglis and all of 3I at Lysterfield Primary School, class 3S at Fairfield Heights Public School, class 2/3H with Mrs Hockey at Balgownie Public School, and class 3/4L with Miss Littlewood at Adamstown Public School. And a very special shoutout to class 3/4T from Vacy Public School, with their fabulous teacher Miss T who is celebrating a birthday today.


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