Wednesday, 18 August, 2021

Australia rolls up its sleeves; the world’s longest number; Farewell Eddie Betts; and introducing Bus Stop the pit bull.



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There was a glimmer of good news on the COVID front yesterday with reports that more Australians rolled up their sleeves for a vaccine on Monday than any other day of this dastardly pandemic.

A record 279,465 jabs went into Aussie arms on Monday – the most in a single day – in a sign that while lockdowns continue throughout large parts of the country, and cases of COVID continue to be worryingly high – the upside is it’s spurring lots of people to get vaccinated. 

And that’s a good thing because the best way to beat this pandemic – and for life to return to normal – medical experts agree, is for as many of us as possible to get vaccinated. 

As of yesterday, about half of people over the age of 16 in NSW have had at least one jab.

It comes as extra doses of the Pfizer vaccine received this week from Poland will start to be given out to people aged 16-39 in NSW – and teachers and school staff are pushed to the front of the vaccine queue. Because the sooner that can happen: the sooner schools can reopen again and those of you in lockdown can all get back to playing with your friends in the playground … I mean, learning lots of really important things in the classroom. Meanwhile, down Canberra way, a record number of people turned out for testing – as the nation’s capital looked to get on top of its outbreak.

So, look, yes, things are tense out there – and there’s lots of not great news on the pandemic front – but we are getting there. 




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops, and today we’ve landed in Switzerland, where scientists have announced that they’ve broken the world record for calculating the value of pi. And when I say pi, I mean the mathematical constant, not the meat-pie-at-the-footy kind. 

Pi, spelled P-I, is used in maths that you’ll get to in high school, and allows you to figure out the area and the circumference of a circle. It’s also used in calculations for building construction, music theory, medical procedures, space flight… Pi is a really handy thing. 

It’s also unusual, because it has no exact value. It’s 3.14159… and then those decimal places go on forever. 

That’s where our Swiss scientists come in. They’ve built a supercomputer that spent 108 days calculating Pi to 62.8 trillion decimal places, smashing the previous record of 50 trillion figures, which took 8 months. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the official Guinness world record for HUMAN memorisation of pi is 70,000 digits. Which is to say someone memorised and recited Pi to its 70,000th digit. While blindfolded. And it took them ten hours to recite it. Seems like a perfectly sensible way to spend 10 hours … 




When AFL star Eddie Betts runs onto the field this weekend – it will his 350th and last game a professional footy player – after having announced his retirement late on Monday.

The popular forward has won the Goal of The Year not once, but four times – more than any other player in the AFL.

And while that’s impressive, he says it’s what he plans to do after he’s hung up his boots that is really important. 

Eddie says he’s going to continue to work to make his sport – and Australian society more generally – a better place for Indigenous Australians – and bring an end to racism both in the footy and everyday life. 

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Eddie said Sydney Swans legend, Adam Goodes had inspired him.

He also thanked fans, said he hoped he had inspired young players and made his family proud. 

Now that’s a true champion.  




How would you like a dog called Mr Wigglebottoms? Or a rabbit called Jurgen McFlurgengergen? Maybe a cat called Crunchwrap Supreme is more your kind of thing?

Giving rescue pets ridiculous names is how a pet lover in the United States is helping to get them adopted.

Jea Jensen runs a Twitter account dedicated to helping find forever homes for dogs and cats and guinea pigs and even geckos in animal shelters across the US.

And she’s discovered that the crazier the name you give an animal, the more likely people are to adopt it. 

Her Twitter account has more than 340,000 followers – many of whom submit crazy names for adorable pets.

I think my favourite is Bus Stop the pit bull puppy. There’s a link to him in today’s episode notes. 




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  1. It was a record day earlier this week for NSW residents to roll their sleeves up and receive what?  
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  3. Name the footy player who will play his last game this weekend?




It’s August 18 … today is Vietnam Veterans Day – where we pause to remember the men and women who fought for Australia in the Vietnam War.. 

It’s a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today….Michaela from Fadden, Frank from Cannon Hill, Tess from Ashmont, Aedan from Ruse, Ezekiel from Earlwood, Georgia from Five Dock, Liam from Newcastle, Liam from Abbotsford, Jyiah from San Souci, Imogen from Aspley, Penny from Brisbane and Phoenix from Kalgoorlie. 

Belated birthday shout outs go to….Ethan from Pimpana, Marc from Shell Cove, Isabella from Albany Hills, Xavier from Geelong, Jake from Marrickville and sisters – Ivy and Ava from Balgownie.

Plus!!  … Because our friends in Melbourne, Canberra and all of NSW are in lockdown – we’re sending out Home Learning Herograms … 

Sisters Maddie and Ciara want to send one to their Nana Pasfield – who has been teaching maths to not only them but their cousins over skype calls during the entire lockdown period. Go Nana! Also a home learning herogram to Miss McCann and Mr Lawlor at St Joseph’s School in Brunswick West from students Annabelle and Angus. To Mr Cattley and classes 3/4W and 3L at West Wallsend Public School and ot class 5 Joy from Wollondilly Anglican College and their teachers Ms Thompson, Mr Stark and Mr Houweling.  And one last herogram to Mrs Dixon and class 3D at Oakhill Drive Public School and to the vision support teachers at this school – Mrs Laird, Mrs Mella and Mrs Robertson, who are assisting the kids with vision impairments continue their learning at home. Bravo!

Plus a couple of classroom shout outs to those of you not in lockdown… Classes Middle Smith and Middle Weller from Newtown Public School in Victoria who just came out of lockdown this week! Class 6 Green at St Bernardine’s School in Regents Park, Miss Sumner and class 5/6S at Forest Lake State School and Grade 4 and Mr Weston at Rockingham Beach Primary School, Western Australia


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