Tuesday, May 30, 2023

WA Premier stands down; Inside Melbourne’s earthquake; Life on Mars on Earth; and a crazy comeback in the NBA.


Your shortcut to… Earthquakes and Volcanoes


NASA’s Mars experiment 


Venice canals turn green 


Boston’s buzzer beating shot 


World MS Day

World MS Day 30 May 2023

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There was a big political announcement in Perth yesterday, where Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan announced he is stepping down as the state’s leader.  He’s been Premier for 6 years, including through the covid pandemic, where WA had the tightest border restrictions in the country. All up, McGowan has been in politics for 26 years and this week will be his last. 

When asked why – he simply said he was tired, wanted to spend more time with his kids, and hoped by leaving long before the next election, one of his colleagues would have a clear shot at the top job.


And in Melbourne, all anyone could talk about yesterday was the earthquake that shook the city just before midnight on Sunday, as seismologists confirmed it was the largest earthquake recorded in the city in 120 years.  

The powerful quake measured 3 point 8 in magnitude – and the rolling tremors lasted 10 seconds. 

While the epicentre was in Sunbury, which is 35 kilometres north of Melbourne, it was felt all the way in Geelong, Ballarat and across the Mornington Peninsula.      So if you a look at a map, that’s a big chunk of Victoria. In fact, according to reports yesterday, no fewer than 22 thousand people woke and reported feeling the earth shake.

Many residents have been sharing their experiences – some were woken with a fright, saying it sounded like a freight train.  People living in high rise apartments in the city spoke of how their buildings swayed and security cameras captured homes shaking.

If you live in Victoria, did you feel the quake?  Did you get woken up to a rumble?  Have you seen any damage?  We know there are lots of Squiz Kids listeners in Craigieburn, a town very close to the epicentre.  So guys, if you want to tell us what it was like, record an audio message and email it to us at [email protected]  and you can help be our eyewitness and tell us what it was like.

If you want to learn more about the science behind Earthquakes make sure you have a listen to Squiz Kids your shortcut to… Earthquakes and Volcanoes – I’ll put a link to it in the episode notes.  Or you can find it on our website.



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops and today we’ve landed in Venice in Italy.  Yes Venice, the unique and picturesque town – where famously instead of roads there are canals, and instead of cars – there are gondolas.  Why, because this incredible little town is actually 118 tiny islands all connected by small bridges.

But here’s what’s making news… the water in the canals has turned a shade of luminous green.  Yes, neon green.

It started in just a small area on Sunday, but has now spread across the Grand Canal.

Venice and its waterways are considered a World Heritage site because of its unique architecture, so all stops are being pulled out to find why the water has turned such an extreme vivid green.  I’ll put a link in your episode notes, so you can see for yourself.

And while authorities don’t know how it’s happened, it has been suspected that protesters  could be behind the stunt.

Watch this space ..




Can you imagine living on Mars?  Well in reality we are still years and years away from that.  But in the name of science and research, a replica of Mars has been built in America and 4 volunteers are preparing to move inside, pretending to be on the red planet for a year long experiment.

NASA has built a large 3D printed facility at the Space Centre in Houston, calling it the Mars Dune Alpha.  Inside, there are bedrooms, a gym, a vertical garden to grow food and it will be completely covered in red sand.  NASA has made the experiment to resemble closely what living on Mars would actually be like. 

The volunteers will be tested on how they handle equipment failure and water shortages. They’ll be studied on how they behave living in an isolated environment, how they get along with each other, conduct experiments together and share everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning.

So sounds like a reality tv show mixed between Big Brother, Survivor and the Big Bang theory.

But the scientists taking part are excited to practise for when setting foot on Mars becomes a possibility.  


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If you’re a basketball fan, today is exciting, electrifying, stressful and all the other emotions that come with nail biting battles.

But this time, it’s the final before the final.  I get that’s a little confusing, so let me explain.  The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are battling it out in the Eastern Conference finals in the United States – and the winner will progress to the NBA finals series. So this is basically like the semi finals series. 

Miami and Boston have played each other 6 times and both teams have won 3 games each.  So today is Game 7 – the final in the series.  But what’s been so epic, is Boston’s comeback.  Something that’s only happened in the pointy end of the NBA three times. Boston lost the first three games.  Yep lost all three games.  They teetered on the brink of elimination.  And Miami were so close to going through.  But Boston clawed back.  Not only winning on Sunday by one point, but just scraping through by scoring on the buzzer of full-time, beating the Heat 104 to 103 points. Just one point difference.

I’ll put a link of the final shot in your episode notes, which stunned the commentators who called it the most insane game ever seen. 

What a set up to this morning’s ’s knock out game 7.


This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. The canals of Venice turned an unusual shade of Neon green.  Which country is Venice in?
  2. NASA has built a replica of Mars, what colour sand is being used to resemble the surface of the other planet?
  3. Can you name either basketball team battling it out today for a place in the NBA finals series?




It’s May 30  – World Multiple Sclerosis Day .. A day to raise awareness of MS, to help fundraise and fight for a cure.  

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today… 

Joe from Yass, Darcy and Jared from Junee, Kayden from Newrybar, Chase from Beecroft, Brigette from Burpengary, Sienna from Kirrawee, Henry from Lorne, Emma from Deniliquin, Harlow from Killarney Vale, Spencer from Mawson Lakes, Eloise from Sheidow Park, Kaysha from Grovedale, Fenton from Runaway Bay and Leigh from Manly.

Belated shoutouts go to…Jason from Ashmont, Deakin from Darlington,  

Milena from Sydney and Lewis, Erin and Bronny all from Mt Gravatt. 

And today’s classroom shout outs go to… class 5/6O and Mrs Minogue at Sutherland North Primary School, class 6G and Mrs Grove at Holsworthy Public School, class 5/6G and Miss Cole at John Palmer Public School in The Ponds, class 6C with Ms Marriott and Ms Barker at Ramlegh Park Primary School in Clyde North, class 5CD and Miss Caroline at Port Melbourne Primary School and lastly to class 4C and Miss Chen at Murray Farm Public School in Carlingford. 

The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Italy
  2. Red
  3. Boston Celtics or Miami Heat

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In the meantime, get out there and have a most excellent day.  Over and out.