Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Sam Kerr the goal scoring machine; teenagers dominate the X games; a maritime mystery solved and an unusual world record attempt.


Sam Kerr


X games





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What a week it’s been for Sam Kerr.  

She is on top of the world, scoring and back flipping her way into the history books, winning the Women’s FA Cup Final with her club Chelsea in the UK.

Not once, or twice, but for the third year in a row.

Kerr is our Aussie Matildas Captain who also plays for Chelsea when she’s not wearing the green and gold.  Let me set the whole scene for you. It was a sell out crowd with 77 thousand fans packed into London’s famous Wembley stadium on Sunday.  Which is a new record set for the amount of people watching a women’s football match live.  Even Prince William was among the crowd.

In the 68th minute of the game, Kerr scored the only goal, handing Chelsea the title over rivals Manchester United.  And in true Kerr fashion, she celebrated with her signature backflip, so she’s an excellent gymnast as well as an excellent footballer.

This has capped off a remarkable week for the Aussie – where she was the official flag bearer for Australia at the King’s Coronation.  And – has just become the first woman to be voted ‘Footballer of the Year’ two years in a row. 

So many accolades, and so well deserved.

But here’s something you might find funny.  Before a game, even superstars like Kerr have their kookie rituals.  She likes to eat a pasta sandwich.  You heard me right, she eats plain pasta in a sandwich.   Kerr laughs that all her teammates think it’s disgusting.

But obviously it’s working.

And with the FIFA Women’s World Cup starting here in July, let’s hope there are plenty of pasta sandwiches, and that it only gets better for Sam Kerr from here.  



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops .. and today we’ve landed in Japan… where more record breaking sport action has taken place.  

The X Games has been underway, which is a competition similar to the Olympics, but for what they call ‘ extreme’ sports.  It’s events like skateboarding, Moto X and BMX riding – with plenty of 180’s, 360’s, gravity defying jumps, alley-oops and wipeouts.

Japan’s home grown star 13 year old Onodera Ginwoo stole the spotlight, becoming the youngest ever X Games gold medallist in the men’s street skateboarding.

Comfortably cinching victory across all his events.

Over in the women’s finals – another 13 year old, Australian Chloe Covell came 4th in Women’s street skateboarding.

Chloe is from Tweed Heads at the New South Wales and Queensland border and is no stranger to these games – last year she won bronze when she was only 12 years old.

What does the road ahead look like for Chloe?  Hopefully skating all the way to the Olympics being held next year in Paris.




After 5 long decades, hope was fading that one of Australia’s greatest maritime mysteries would ever be solved. But after years of research, specialised underwater cameras used by the CSIRO have incredibly found the shipwreck – still intact – at the bottom of the ocean off the Tassie coast.

Through schools of fish and murky water, 150 metres below sea level, vision from the scientists’ cameras show the moment an illuminated cross comes to light.  Then as the camera moves closer, the wreckage of a ship becomes clearer.  I’ve stuck a link to some remarkable underwater video in today’s episode notes.

It was thought the Blythe Star may never be seen again, when back in 1973 it set off from Tasmania to King Island.  The journey was meant to take 2 days – but in a split second, a huge wave caused the boat to capsize .  It happened so fast, the crew were not able to make a distress call… and the ship disappeared underwater.  The crew scrambled onto the inflatable raft and after  8 long days with no food, they finally reached shore.  7 out of the 10 crew made it back alive.  And for the past 5 decades it was unsure if the shipwreck would ever be found.

Michael Doleman is the last remaining survivor of the Blythe Star, he was only 18 at the time it sank.  Today, Mick said he is blown away that the vessel’s final resting place has been found – bringing closure to this 50 year old mystery.




What out Ivan… The Kyles are coming for you – and your Guinness World Record title.

There is a town called Kyle in the American state of Texas. And the Mayor of Kyle, is calling all Kyles to come to visit.  That’s right, they are hoping to attract more than 2 thousand 325 Kyles in order to win the record for the largest gathering of people with the same name.  That record currently sits with Ivan – or the Ivans, I’m not sure how to say it.  But back in 2017 – 2 thousand 325 Ivans gathered together in a town in Bosnia.

Now the Kyles want the crown.  So the great gathering of Kyles is set to take place next week.  But there are strict rules, your name has to be spelt KYLE.  

I wonder what a group of Kyle’s is called anyway,  maybe a Kluster of Kyles?



This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Who is our Australian Matildas captain who also won the Women’s FA Cup with her team Chelsea?
  2. The Blythe Star shipwreck has just been discovered, how many years was it missing for?
  3. What name do you have to have, to try and break the world record of the largest gathering of people with the same name.  






It’s May 16 – today is National BBQ in the States – I wonder if the town Kyle will be having a BBQ getting ready for their big world record attempt.

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … Finn from North Ainslie, Eddy from Ruse, Braden from Ermington, Samya from Forest Lake, Charley from Talara, Kryssi from Strathmore Heights, Rex from Yeppoon, Eric from Revesby and Charlotte listening over in Whistler, Canada.

Special birthday shout outs go to Mrs Boyle at Abbotsford Public School and Mrs Edgtton at Bradbury Public School. 

Classroom shout outs today are for Class 4B and Miss Powell at Gardenvale Public School, class 5B and Mrs Jensen and St Thomas More Catholic Primary School in Ruse, class 2W and Mrs Wickson at The Riverina Anglican College in Wagga Wagga, class 5/6W and Mrs Whiting at Camden Public School and lastly to all the students at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Cabramatta.



The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Sam Kerr
  2. 50 years
  3. Kyle



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