Tuesday, 7 December, 2020

Brisbane Olympics bid off and racing; Britain keeps it chooks inside; Sam Kerr’s hat-trick; and how to trick an orca.  



Sam Kerr’s hat trick: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/kerr-scores-hat-trick-suffers-injury-in-chelsea-win


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It’s been 20 years since Sydney hosted the Olympic Games – so 2032 seems about the right time for the biggest sporting event in the world to head down under again – and Brisbane is determined to be the destination.

Queensland Premier Annastascia Palaszczuk yesterday met with a high-ranking Olympic official to drive home the case to bring the Games to Brissie. 

Lots of cities around the world compete to host the Olympic Games – as it’s considered a prestigious event that brings a lot of visitors to a city and shows it off to a captive worldwide TV audience. 

And in the case of the 2032 Games, Brisbane is currently competing with the Indonesian capital Jakarta – with bids also expected to come from cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Qatar and China. 

If successful, it would be the first time the Olympic Games have come to Queensland – with previous Olympics having been held in Melbourne in 1956, and Sydney back in 2000.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed this year because of COVID, have been confirmed to go ahead with an opening ceremony on July 23 of next year. 

Start training!

Oh – hello Western Australia … nice to see you again. Or at least, it will be, given your borders have re-opened today to all states, except South Australia.

Expect family reunions and airport scenes worthy of the final credits of Love Actually as the rest of the country traipses west to catch up with relatives and friends.

And don’t worry SA – you’re not about to be left out of the Great Western Party. WA is planning to reopen its border with you from this Friday – with a couple of conditions. But residents of Adelaide will be welcomed back to Queensland from Saturday, so that’s something

But all in all – the country is slowing but surely reopening.. 




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops .. and today we’ve landed in England – where chicken owners are being told to keep their birds indoors.

No, it’s not because winter is upon them and chooks like to be near the heater – rather it’s because on top of everything else the country is grappling with at the moment, there’s a nasty case of bird flu sweeping the nation. And the fastest way for bird flu to be caught and spread, is for it to be passed from wild birds to those that are kept in captivity – like chooks.

And when I say indoors – I don’t mean people are being urged to bring them into their living rooms. Although I daresay more than a few are. I mean they’re being urged to keep them in barns or pen or chicken coops and not let them roam about outside. 

Bird flu is dangerous for poultry – like chooks, guinea fowl, pea hens and the like – but it’s unlikely to pose a direct health threat to humans. 




It was a hat-trick for Aussie women’s soccer sensation, Sam Kerr in England at the wee kend as she scored all three of the goals that lifted her team Chelsea to victory over rivals, West Ham.

Matildas star Kerr is one of several Aussies playing for prestigious European clubs – flying the flag for Australia and showing off just how talented our soccer exports are.

But the glory for Kerr didn’t come without a little bit of pain. She crashed into a defender while scoring her third goal and injured her hip. Her coaches are hopeful she’ll be back on deck and ready to score another hat-trick next match.

There’s a link in today’s episode notes to video of the Kerr hat-trick. And they don’t call it the beautiful game for nothing.



Marine biologists studying pilot whales in waters off Australia have discovered what they believe is a clever way that pilot whales ward off killer whales. 

Orcas – otherwise known as killer whales – are the great predators of the ocean. And they have been known to target a pilot whale or three when dinner time rolls around. 

Scientists studying the sounds made by pilot whales while swimming off the Great Australian Bight discovered that they mimic the call of killer whales to confuse the orcas and throw them off their scent.

How clever is that? 




Can you hear that? That’s the sound of summer holidays approaching. And what a beautiful sound it is. And this to let you know that while the daily Squiz Kids service will stop on Dec 18 – when all schools in all states are officially on holidays – we’ve got a whole bunch of summer programming lined up, to keep you entertained throughout the holidays.

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It’s totally technical, dudes. 




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which city in Australia is bidding to host the 2032 Olympic Games?
  2. Name the Aussie soccer star who scored a hat-trick for Chelsea? 
  3. What sort of whales make the sound of killer whales to confuse the ocean’s great predator?




It’s December 8 …. It’s pop star Nicki Minaj’s birthday as well as that of Aussie cricket captain Tim Paine. And I reckon a shared birthday is about all those two have in common … 

It’s also only 17 sleeps ‘til Christmas … toys in every store!

Plus it’s a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today …  Frida from Balaclava, Ely from Brisbane, Jack from Bobin, Zara from San Remo, Edwina from Highton, Charlotte from Hurstville, Aiden from Caulfield North, George from Boronia Park, Bill from Adelaide, Simaema from Abbotsford, Anthony from Oran Park and Theo from Surfers Paradise. 

And some belated birthday shoutouts… Bianca from Baldivis and Archer from Buderim. 

Happy birthday to you all. 

And so to classroom shoutouts… we’ve got so many to get through before the end of the year – and with only a couple of weeks left of school – we’re going to tick off as many Year 6 classes as possible … A shoutout then to all of the grade six kids at Liwara Catholic Primary School, Ms Borland and the 5/6B class at Clarinda Primary School, class 5/6RS with Miss Robertson, Miss S and Michelle at Hume Public School, and the Year 4/5/6 class with Miss Welham at Quairading District High School in Western Australia.


The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Brisbane
  2. Sam Kerr
  3. Pilot whales