Tuesday, 4 August, 2020

Snow in Tassie; woolly mammoths in Russia; Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One blow out; and Taylor Swift rules Oz.



Snow in Tassie


National Aboriginal Children’s Day:







It was another day, and another set of restrictions for our Victorian brothers and sisters yesterday as Australia’s second most populous state faced the prospect of closed shops, closed factories and building sites, closed offices – and no more mucking around at Bunnings – at least for the time being. 

Reporting a slight drop in the number of new cases of coronavirus,  Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews announced the move to stage four restrictions for the next six weeks would mean many shops would need to close their doors. Including Bunnings – which can now only do click n’ collect or home delivery. What’s your Dad going to do on Saturday afternoon now?? Or is that just me?

But – Premier Andrews added the important shops would stay open –  including supermarkets and pharmacies and bakeries and butchers and greengrocers. And that there would be plenty of everything on the shelves – so there was no need for a repeat of the Great Toot Paper And Pasta Panic Buying Crisis of four months ago. Thank goodness for that.  

Squiz Kids in Tasmania better have their winter woolies at the ready — there’s an icy blast heading straight for you, direct from Antartica. 

It’s already brought snow to parts of Hobart – including falling on beaches to the south of the Tassie capital. And police have been moved to warn anyone planning to go bushwalking in the wilderness to change their plans. Seriously. Who goes bushwalking in the wilderness in the middle of an Antarctic blast? Haven’t they heard of Netflix, a blanky, and hot cocoa?

There’s a link in today’s episode notes to some pretty amazing photos of Tassie under snow. 




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops … and today, we find ourselves in Russia … where archeologists have uncovered the remains of a wooly mammoth.

A leg bone, a skull and bits of skeleton with flesh still attached were all dragged out of a lake near the Arctic circle last week – with scientists estimating the mammoth bits belonged to a beast that walked the Earth some 10,000 years ago – around the time of the last Ice Age. 

Wooly mammoths are like giant hairy elephants – they had enormously large tusks and lived in snowy conditions – protected by their wooly coats. 

And if it seems like more and more of these skeletons are showing up: scientists reckon that’s because warmer temperatures in the Arctic – which is the freezing part of the earth that surrounds the north pole – have meant ice thawing and remains like this one suddenly poking up through the ground. 




Beating the world’s best formula one race car drivers is an incredible feat. Doing it with a flat tyre – well, that’s something else again. Take a bow Lewis Hamilton – the English Formula One driver who yesterday won the British Grand Prix for the seventh time, limping across the finish line with a blown-out front tyre.

It means Hamilton and his Mercedes team remain at the top of the championship leaderboard. 

Aussie Daniel Riccardo came in fourth place.



Look, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, and players are going to play etcetera. But at the end of the day, when you are Tay Tay – ain’t nothing going to take the shine off the fact you’ve just pulled off a double-whammy in the Australian music charts. 

Taylor Swift’s new album has not only debuted at #1 on the Australian music charts (which is to say: in its first week of release it was bought by more Australians than any other album by any other musician) but the single Cardigans has entered the Aussie charts at #1 too.

The only other female artists to have achieved the same feat are P!nk, Delta Goodrem, Rhianna, Kylie Minogue and Madonna .. .you might have to ask your parents about those last two ..




It’s T-Day people … that’s T for Turia … as her special Squiz Kids Q+A session is published today. If you’re listening on a podcast app, keep listening after this edition of Squiz Kids, and the Turia episode should start playing automatically. Otherwise, you’ll find it on our website: www.squizkids.com.au. It’s fun, informative and stuffed full of excellent advice. Get involved!




 This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which state of Australia is today bracing for an icy, Antarctic blast?
  2. In which country did researchers last week discover the skeleton of a wooly mammoth?
  3. Name the American singer whose album and single just topped the Aussie music charts?




It’s August 4 … birthdays of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, former US President, Barack Obama and our very own Jessica Mauboy.

It’s also National Aboriginal Children’s Day – the theme of this year’s special day is ‘we are the elders of tomorrow, hear our voice’. Aboriginal Children’s Day is held every year to celebrate the indigenous Australian kids, make them feel special and included. There’s a link in today’s episode notes to a cool video on the subject. 

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today  … 

Talan from Abbotsford, Caleb from Perth, John from Redlynch, Rocco from Watson’s Bay, Panashe from Sydney, Sam from Croydon, Kiran from Valentine, Kristie from Kew East, Jackson from Ashtonfield, Mrunmayee from Tuggerah and Brady from Gymea.

And some belated birthday shoutouts… to Zach from Abbotsford and Ben from Kalamunda in WA – and no, Ben’s mum Wendy – you’re not the worst mum in the world for forgetting to send through the shout-out request on Sunday. We’ve all got a lot on – I bet you’re an awesome mum.

Happy birthday to you all.

Classroom shoutouts… Classes Datsun, Corvette and Buick at Oran Park Public School – which I am guessing must be located somewhere near the car race track – Grade 5MD Scots School Albury; 5NP and 5CG at Wauchope Public School – how good is Timbertown? – all the kids at  Lynbrook Primary School, Mitchell Hawse and class 4E at Cherrybrook Public School, and everyone at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Cabramatta.


The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Tasmania
  2. Russia
  3. Taylor Swift