Thursday, 15 September, 2022

Little Mermaid sets internet alight; Queuing for the Queen in London; Australia’s youngest Socceroo; and an act of sporting kindness.



Little Mermaid: kids react to trailer – VIDEO

Aussie women’s 7s donate their jerseys – VIDEO: 

The Dot: read aloud – VIDEO


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The internet was buzzing yesterday following the release of the Little Mermaid movie trailer as young black girls all over the world saw a Disney princess that looked just like them.

Pop singer Halle Bailey – one half of the 5 time Grammy nominated duo, Chloe + Halle – was revealed this week as the new Little Mermaid in a trailer for Disney’s upcoming remake of the 1990 kids movie classic of the same name.

And so excited were parents of black kids that their little girls would have a Disney princess that looked like them, they shared reaction videos on social media of their daughters seeing the trailer for the first time.

“She looks like me!” was the reaction of one excited little girl. “The Little Mermaid is black!” was the reaction of another. The reactions will melt your heart – which is why I’ve stuck a link to some of the videos in today’s episode notes.

And the reason it’s such a big deal is because of the saying: you can’t be what you can’t see. 

And as social commentators pointed out yesterday: it’s important for all children to feel like they are being seen. And if you’re a five year old girl,  there’s no better way to feel like you’ve been seen than having a Disney princess look vaguely like you do. 

It’s not the first time a Disney princess has been black. 

Black actress Anika Noni Rose was the voice of Tiana in Disney’s 2010 movie, The Princess and the Frog. And of course Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is Arabian, Moana is Polynesian and Mulan is Chinese. 

It’s called diversity … the fact that we all come from different parts of the world and different cultures – and together we make up the awesome rainbow of humanity. And that’s something to celebrate.


Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops … and that globe just keeps stopping in England – where mourners wanting to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and file past her coffin have been told to expect a 35 hour wait in a queue that could be as much as eight kilometres long.

As you slept last night, the coffin in which the Queen’s body is tucked up, ready for her funeral, was moved from Buckingham Palace to a place called Westminster Hall. It will remain there for the next four days. It’s called ‘lying in state’ – which is when the body of an important person is placed in a state building for members of the public to pay their respects. The hall will be open 24 hours until Monday. 

In that time, the UK police estimate some 750,000 mourners will line up to walk past the coffin and say their last goodbyes to the Queen – joining a queue which it’s thought could be as long as 8 kilometres. For some – that will mean waiting in line for 35 hours. That’s a day and half of standing in a queue.  

So yes: this is truly a spectacle that we may never again see in our lifetime. 




Shepparton’s very own Garang Kuol came a step closer to making history yesterday when he was named in a new look 31-man Socceroos squad to play for Australia in a couple of friendlies in the lead up to the World Cup in Qatar in November.

A friendly is soccer speak for a warm-up or trial game.  

Kuol – who’s older brother Alou plays for Stuttgart in the German football league – moved with his family to Australia from their home country of Sudan, in Africa.

Now, at the age of only 17,  he’s set to be the youngest Aussie male debutant to pull on a Socceroos jersey in a World Cup since Harry Kewell did it back in 1996.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Garang – who also plays for the Central Coast Mariners, said that it doesnt matter what age you are, if you just go in full guns blazing wanting to prove yourself, and be ruthless, you can achieve whatever you want.”

Can I get a hallelujah?




The Australian women’s rugby 7s team cemented their position as the best in the world on Monday after beating arch rivals New Zealand to win the Rugby World Cup 7s competition. (CHEER)

But it’s what happened behind the scenes that makes them real champions in our eyes. 

One of the teams they played was Madagascar – an island country just off the coast of Africa. And you thought it was just a movie starring Alex the Lion and a bunch of naughty penguins…

This was Madagascar’s first world cup, and their first game was against the Aussies. As usual, the Aussies did research on their opponents—and learned that some of the Madagascar women couldn’t afford three meals a day, had only basic equipment, and no training shirts. So after their match, they met up with them in the dressing rooms, and in a touching moment of sportswomanship – presented them with their spare Aussie jerseys. So now every time the Madgascan team train, they’ll think of their Aussie sisters. Nice.

I’ve stuck a link to video of the jersey presentation in today’s episode notes. 




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This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. How many hours do UK police estimate people may have to queue up in London to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth?
  2. Pop singer Halle Bailey plays which Disney Princess in an upcoming movie whose trailer has set the internet alight?
  3. Which team did the Aussie women’s 7s give their spare Aussie jerseys?




It’s September 15  … … today is also International Dot Day … celebrating the fact that everyone is creative – if they only tried… Why is it called Dot Day? It’s named after the children’s book The Dot – which is about a little girl called Vashti who didn’t think she knew how to draw … i’ve stuck a link to video of it being read aloud in today’s episode notes..

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today …

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The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. 35
  2. Little Mermaid
  3. Madagascar