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Squiz Kids is a news podcast, just for kids!

Squiz Kids Today

The Squiz Kids Today podcast is your shortcut to the world around you. A quick news podcast for curious kids, it’s your weekday news fix that’s fun, fresh, and agenda-free. Banish boredom and listen to this kids news podcast each weekday.


Friday, 12 August, 2022

Egg shortage sweeps nation; Italy says no to Dominos; tennis player’s tear-jerker video; and sea sponge snot.

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Friday 14 August, 2020

The day Australia changed; Beirut’s big heart; Melbourne’s library of love; and a school teacher debuts for the West Coast Eagles.

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Thursday, 13 August, 2020

Russia’s vaccine under a cloud; rise of the robotaxi; meet the megamouth shark; and babies for Bindi and Ed.

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Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Rivers in the sky above Oz; Lion pooh for sale; the dwarf planet ocean world; and the Queen’s favourite film.

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Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Hero sailor gets top honour; Oil spill threatens coral reef; the 23 year old golf sensation; and Ninja Warrior crowned. 

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Monday 10 August, 2020

Biden’s bolt for the Presidency; Germany’s naked boar run; the three-legged elephant ; and why we all need to dance more.

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Friday 7 August, 2020

Cyber-cops on the internet beat ; penguin pooh discovery; one-armed golfing champ; and eagle chick internet stars.

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Thursday, 6 August, 2020

Wild weather ahoy; Taiwan’s plane ride to nowhere; Roger Federer’s rooftop surprise; and the dancing llama craze.

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Wednesday, 5 August, 2020

Trump takes on TikTok; SOS saves stranded sailors; attack of the zombie cicadas; and Sky Brown, skating legend.

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Tuesday, 4 August, 2020

Snow in Tassie; woolly mammoths in Russia; Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One blow out; and Taylor Swift rules Oz.

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Monday, 3 August, 2020

Home school’s back for Victoria; Miami’s insta-famous fish; Astronauts splash down!; and South Australia’s 12 year-old catwalk star.

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