Monday, 6 February, 2023

The fighter jets and the spy balloon; India’s friendly elephant; Scorchers win the BBL; and meet the world’s oldest dog. 

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Padayappa the friendly elephant: Photos:

Scorchers win the BBL final: Video:

Bobi – the world’s oldest dog:


Fighter jet shoots down Chinese balloon:

How China became a superpower: via Sky News:

Video of Padayappa the elephant:

Video of Bobi, the world’s oldest dog:

Search For The Ultimate $5 Lunchbox  

Rosie’s Recipes: Next Level Nachos:


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It’s the news story that has it all …. Fighter jets, a mysterious balloon floating high in the sky and accusations of spying. 

And it all came to a head on the weekend when US fighter jets shot out of the sky over waters along the east coast of America a great big hot air balloon that had come from China and floated across the country.

America’s top defence officials were yesterday saying that the balloon had been sent from China to spy on high-level military sites in the USA. China said that it was simply a weather balloon which had accidentally blown off course. 

The United States Navy was yesterday busy collecting bits of the balloon that fell to Earth to take them away for analysis – meanwhile the world watched nervously on.


Because China and the United States of America are what is known as ‘super-powers’ – it’s a term that refers to a handful of countries in the world that are really big and really powerful. And while the United States has been a world superpower for while, China has only relatively recently become one – and like the young male lion that wants to challenge the old head of the pride, China is asserting itself and flexing its muscles. Watch this space. 



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops – and today we’ve landed in India – in the jungles of Kerala, to be specific – where a friendly elephant has become a tourist attraction.

Padayappa the Asian elephant is well known for wandering through towns of Kerala, flapping his big ears and generally interacting with the locals. People who live with Padayappa say he is a ‘gentle giant’ who only occasionally gets into mischief sneaking into gardens and eating plants.

Lately, local authorities have had to ask people to give Padayappa some distance – as there have been instances of him getting annoyed by humans getting up in his grill – as the kids say … reminding folks that even the friendliest of elephants need a bit of personal space sometimes. Gotta say, I know how he feels. 

I’ve stuck a link to photos of Padayappa in today’s episode notes.



It was the BBL final that had it all … big-bashing aplenty, dramatic run outs and a nail-biting finish that came down to the final few balls – as the Perth Scorchers took out their fifth big bash championship beating the Brisbane Heat.

In front of a record crowd at Perth’s Optus Stadium and batting second, the Orange Army proved too strong against the boys in blue – whacking enough sixes and scoring just enough fours and singles to beat the 176-run target set by the Heat and win the match with a score of 5 for 178.

The home crowd in Perth were ecstatic, the commentators called it a BBL final for the ages, and Brisbane fans – while disappointed, could at least comfort themselves that they never expected to make it to the final after a lot of their top players left to join the Aussie team in India. 

I’ve stuck a link to video of the winning moment in today’s episode notes. 




 This is the segment that celebrates record breakers .. and today’s record breaker is Bobi the dog – who has just broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest pup.

Bobi is a Portuguese dog who is 30 years and 226 days old. The previous record holder was an Aussie blue cattle dog called, appropriately enough, BLuey – who lived to the ripe old age of 29 years and five months. 

The owners of Bobi say the secret to his old age is that he eats their food at dinner time – and lives a stress-free existence, showered with love. As the saying goes: ‘It’s a dog’s life’…

I’ve stuck a link to photos of Bobi in today’s episode notes…  




Hello Squiz Kids – and welcome to this special series of Rosie’s Recipes. Long-time listeners of the podcast will remember this was a weekly segment – which we’ve brought back, for the Back To School period, with help from our friends at Woolworths, as we search for the Ultimate $5 Lunch Box.

My dad is always telling me that making school lunches is the bane of his life… I don’t know what a bane is, but I can tell from his tone that it’s not a good thing.

So – for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be throwing out lunch box ideas that are new, nutritious and under five bucks. Everyone’s a winner. 

But first – let’s have a look at some of the ideas you guys sent in for the Ultimate Lunchbox.

Matilda from Box Hill had the very elaborate lunchbox suggestion of oysters, tarte tatin and a Blue Heaven milkshake .. Wowsers! 

But even if I would happily eat a jar of Nutella for lunch each day – I know you’ve also got to get some fresh food into you.

And so, for today’s lunch box idea – it’s what I like to call a Next Level Nachos Lunchbox – and I’ve stuck a link to it in today’s episode notes.

It’s really easy to prepare – and kids – think of how happy you’ll make your parents if you make this yourself. 

You’re going to need a pack of mini-flour tortillas, cooking spray, baby tomatoes, lebanese cucumber, natural yogurt, a can of black beans, shredded cheese, fresh pineapple and pepitas. 

Now – I went to my local Woolworths with dad, and we bought these ingredients, and this lunch box works out to $4.35 per serving. You can’t even buy two Paddle Pops for that !!

You want to spray the tortillas with cooking oil and whack them in the oven for a bit, chop the tomatoes and cucumber and combine, chop up the pineapple and cut into little triangles and whack it all into a lunchbox. And don’t forget to pack a spoon or fork.


And then just wait to see how many kids try to swap lunch with you in the playground …




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. In which country does Paddayappa the friendly elephant live?
  2. Which cricket team won the BBL final on Saturday night?
  3. How old is Bobi, the world’s oldest dog?





It’s February 6,  it’s Waitangi Day in New Zealand – marking an important day in the history of NZ, the signing of the Waitangi Treaty back in 1840 … it’s also the Grammy Awards in the US today – celebrating some of the top pop, rock, Latin and country artists in the world.

It’s a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … Liam from Burpengary, Hazel from Freshwater, Emily from Oyster Bay, Danish from Croydon and  Sophia, Ulijah and Emily from Ashmont.

Belated birthday wishes go to Charlotte from Montmorency, Kota and Luca from Helensvale, Sebastian, Audrey and Luna from Ivanhoe, Lawson and Ivy from Cronulla, Bella and Zabir from Oyster Bay, Shyla from Geelong and lastly to Ida also from Ivanhoe (and apologies from Ida’s Dad who forgot last week!).

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The S’Quiz Answers:

  • India
  • Perth Scorchers
  • 30 years and 226 days old