Monday, 15 November, 2021

Climate deal in Glasgow; Aussies win cricket World Cup; Snoopy and Lego fly into space; and humpback whale rumble caught on camera.



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After two weeks of talks at the COP 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, countries from all over the world reached an agreement on the weekend to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they released into the atmosphere.

Called the Glasgow Climate Pact, it  has been welcomed as a good step forward to slowing down global warming.  But many countries left the meeting disappointed, believing the agreement did not go far enough.

One significant outcome: an agreement to reduce the amount of coal that is burned around the world to make electricity as we switch on to more renewable energy  .. things like solar and wind energy.  Coal is responsible for about 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions each year, 

And instead of giving countries four years to go away and work out how they plan to cut the amount of greenhouse gases they pump into the Earth’s atmosphere, they’ve been asked to report back at COP 27 – the next world climate meeting which will be held in November next year in Egypt.

What does that mean for us here in Australia? Well – there’s a federal election due before May next year: and you can bet it’s going to be a hot topic of discussion as the political parties try to win our vote. 



Each day we give the world globe a spin, and find a story wherever it stops. And today we’ve landed in Dubai … in the United Arab Emirates, where Australia has beaten New Zealand in the cricket overnight to win the men’s T20 World Cup (CHEER) … 

Josh Hazlewood was dazzling with the ball to send the Kiwis packing for 172 runs, before Mitch Marsh turned in a limited over master-class with the bat to help Australia cruise to its first ever T20 World Cup win. 

Not even the rumblings of an earthquake in the neighbouring country of Iran could shake the Aussies from their goal – with celebrations exploding as the winning ball was thwacked with eight wickets and seven balls in hand. 

The secret tactic that ensured the boys in green and gold walked away with the trophy? Apparently, love is all you need. “We actually love each other,” said all-rounder Marcus Stoinis after the match. Awwwww.




NASA released important news over the weekend about the beloved beagle from the Peanuts comic strip: Snoopy is going to space!
The American space agency is putting the finishing touches to a tiny space suit, gloves, and boots for a Snoopy soft toy, which will be sent into space next February as part of a test flight journey to the Moon and back. 

After Snoopy does his test run, the rocket will be used to launch humans to the moon, Mars, and beyond. When Snoopy’s test flight reaches the point in space where there’s no gravity, Snoopy will float about in the cabin— And NASA scientists on earth will learn lots of important stuff about how actual human beings will react to zero gravity.

And don’t worry – Snoopy won’t be up there all alone. Four Lego mini-figs will also be strapped in and making the journey … the Lego mini-figures Kate, Kyle, Julia and Sebastian will also be crew members – keeping Snoopy company. 

I’ve put links to pictures of Snoopy in his spacesuit in your episode notes – as well as a link to the Lego YouTube series, Build To Launch – which is all about the Artemis space program. And if you’re a Squiz Kids classroom and want to explore Mars like Snoopy, check out this week’s Squiz Kids Shortcut – all about the red planet! It’s available to anyone who signs up for a free trial of Squiz Kids for Schools – accessible via our website:




Incredible video footage has surfaced – pun intended – of humpback whales migrating down the east coast of Australia – with footage captured for the first time of male humpbacks having a fight.

Thanks to a camera that was attached with a suction cap to a young male’s head, the video shows a bunch of bulls – which is the name for a male whale – jostling with one another underwater – pushing and shoving and generally having a big ol’ underwater rumble.

Why was this young male humpback bumping into other young males and basically making a pest of himself? Marine biologists – who are people who study marine animals for a living … I know, right, cool job … reckon he was doing it to show off for a female humpback and get her to notice him. So you know: not so different to humans, in that respect. 

I’ve stuck a link to the video in today’s episode notes.



This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. The four Lego mini-figs flying into space next year will be accompanie by which cartoon beagle?
  2. What species of whales have been captured on video having an underwater wrestle?
  3. In which city in Scotland has the world climate summit just wrapped up?




It’s November 15 … today’s the start of National Skin Cancer Awareness Week .. an excellent reminder as summer takes hold to slip, slop and slap. 

It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … Kieran from Kempsey, Sienna from Abbotsford, Harry from Armadale, Michelle from Sydney, Avyukt (pronounced Av-e-yukt) from Springfield and Harrison from Forest Lake.

Classroom shout outs today go to…Ms Brosnan’s class at Kambala Girls School in Sydney, Mrs Wheatley and all the year 3 teachers at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School in Greystanes, class 4M and Ms McPherson at Carlingford Public School.  Also a shout out to all the students at Mount Terry Primary School and to Mr O’Brien and year 4 at Radford College in Canberra.  Lastly – to the Year 3 Numbats at St Helena’s Catholic Primary School in Ellenbrook and to Mrs Fursey and 2M at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Bulli. 

The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. Snoopy
  2. Humpback whales
  3. Glasgow