Monday, 12 October, 2020

Project Moon landing has lift-off; Japan’s suitcase with eyes; bumper weekend sports wrap; and the girl with the world’s longest legs.



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Have you ever thought about becoming an astronaut when you grow up? There will be a major announcement this week which could make that dream possible when the European Space Agency unveils its plans to build a lunar spaceport so we can properly explore the Moon.

You know how humans have been to the Moon already, right? The whole ‘man walking on the moon’ thing happened about fifty years ago – and we’ve been back a few times since. 

But on each occasion, the astronauts didn’t stay on the Moon for very long. They landed, collected some rock and soil samples and flew back home.

With the creation of a lunar spaceport, however, there will be a spacecraft permanently orbiting the Moon, and astronauts will be able to travel backwards and forwards from the spaceport to the Moon’s surface to conduct all sorts of cool science experiments – without the need to rush back to Earth.

Being able to stay up there longer will mean they’ll be able to explore the Moon in ways that have not yet been possible. Including working out if there is water on the Moon – and if so, whether there’s ever been life there. 

It’s hoped the spaceport will be operational as soon as 2024. Just in time for you lot to have completed all necessary astronaut training.




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops … and today, we’ve landed in Japan … where a suitcase with eyes has just been unveiled.

So – why would a suitcase need to have eyes? It’s been created for people who are vision-impaired – which is to say they don’t see very well – to help them navigate their way through public spaces – like busy city streets, train stations and airports. 

The suitcase has been designed by a Japanese computer engineer who has been blind since the age of 14. 

Using the same sort of artificial intelligence technology that allows driverless cars to navigate busy roads, the suitcase sends signals to the user via a vibrating handle to help them find their way to wherever they’re going.

There’s a cool video explainer in today’s episode notes. 




Epic is the best way to describe yesterday’s rugby union Bledisloe Cup clash as Australia’s Wallabies drew 16-16 with arch-rivals, the New Zealand All Blacks. On a rainy pitch in Wellington, the Wallabies held back the all conquering Kiwis in a game that was later described as the re-birth of Australian rugby. Fingers crossed for the next match. 

Over in France meanwhile, Aussie tennis sensation Dylan Alcott claimed his 11th grand slam title, winning the men’s quads singles competition at the prestigious French Open. 

In Super Netball – the West Coast Fever are set to face Melbourne Vixens in the grand final after demolishing the Sunshine Coast Lightning in yesterday’s preliminary final 73-59. 

Meanwhile, in the NRL, Parramatta Eels bowed out of the finals after being whumped by the Rabbitohs, while the Canberra Raiders sent the Roosters packing. It means for the semis next weekend, the Storm will face the Raiders and the Panthers will play the Rabbitohs. 

Wins also for Richmond and Geelong in the AFL semis over the weekend. Richmond will now face off against Port Adelaide while the Cats face the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba. Because too much sport is never enough.




In this segment, we celebrate the record breakers … and today, it’s all about 17 year-old Maci Currin from Texas, in the United States, who has broken not one, but two Guinness World Records for having the world’s longest legs.

Maci is 6 foot 10 inches tall – or just over 2 metres tall… and her legs make up 60 percent of her total height.

She was the tallest kid in her kindy class, and has pretty much kept on growing ever since. 

And while she most definitely stands out in a crowd, Maci has decided to embrace her unusual height and has become popular on both TikTok and Instagram encouraging her followers to love the body they were born into.

There’s a video in today’s episode notes which shows exactly how tall Maci is…




Don’t forget sports fans … today is your last chance to send a question to Aussie women’s cricketer, Annabel Sutherland.

As we announced last week: Annabel has agreed to do a Squiz Kids Q+A and answer any questions you might like to ask her.

At the age of 15, Annabel was the youngest player to be selected for the Big Bash League – and now plays for Australia. Imagine that!

If you have a questions you’d like to ask Annabel – about how she made the grade or what it’s like playing for your country – send your questions to [email protected]




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. Which heavenly body, often seen in the night’s sky, are astronauts hoping to spend more time exploring with the creation of a lunar space port?
  2. In which country has a blind computer engineer created a suitcase that can see?
  3. Who won yesterday’s Bledisloe rugby clash between the Wallabies and the All Blacks?




It’s October 12 ….. The first day of Term 4 for students in NSW, the ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Tassie and the Northern Territory. Welcome back kiddos! Bet you’re excited, eh?

It’s also the start of National Superhero Week – in which people across Australia dress up as their favourite superhero to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research.

 It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today … Bryn (pronounced Brin) from Camp Hill, Mitchell from Blackburn,  Elsie from Caulfield South, Max from The Rock, Misha from Liberty grove, Will from Cooranbong, Quinn from Springwood, Emily from the Sunshine Coast, Sam from New Farm, Ella from Jindalee, Shi-Han from Melbourne and Ava all the way form Virginia, USA. 

Today’s belated birthday shoutouts go to… Lydia from Redlynch, Lachlan from Victoria, Daphne from Bowral and Alex from Abbotsford.

Happy birthday one and all!

Classroom shoutouts…the special education unit at Hunter River High School, 3/4S at Alexandria Park Community School, 5/6W and Mr Wray from Greystanes Public School, Mrs Pereira and 4/5P from Sarah Redfern Public School and class 3/4D at Shoal Bay Public School, with Ms Dahle whose birthday it is today.   

  The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. The Moon
  2. Japan
  3. Neither team: it was a draw.