Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

A native title victory in the Sunny State; a Californian piglet pursuit; the snow-white kookaburra; and the facial-fitness gum craze.

After a long 14-year legal battle, the Kabi Kabi people of South East Queensland are finally recognised as the Traditional Owners of their land. This big win means they can hunt, fish, and camp on their ancestral land, including popular spots like Noosa and Bribie Island!

A California king snake caused a commotion on a busy Hong Kong train during rush hour. The train was evacuated, and the snake was safely captured. Luckily, no one, including the snake, was hurt. It was quite the scaly surprise for commuters!

A new trend called ‘Facial-Fitness Gum’ claims to give young men a more defined jawline. While the gum is extra chewy, there’s no proof it actually works. It might just give you a sore jaw and lighten your wallet!

A rare albino kookaburra has been spotted in Wynnum, Brisbane, delighting locals. With its pure white feathers, it looks almost magical. However, this unique bird must be careful in the sun to avoid sunburn.

Piglet on the run in California.

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