Thursday, May 30, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Big wet watched from space; South Africa off to the polls; Here comes Garfield!; and Home Alone house hits the market.

Q+A Callout – Arisa Trew
Get ready for the Paris Olympics, where skateboarding makes its debut! Aussie skateboarding sensation Arisa Trew, just 14, is ready to wow the world. She’s the first female to land a 720 trick in competition, and she’s taking the hotseat for our next Squiz Kids Q+A. Send in your questions and find out what makes Arisa a skateboarding superstar! [email protected]

Get ready for a soggy weekend as a huge north-west cloud band spreads rain across 80% of Australia! While farmers cheer for the much-needed water, kids and parents nervously check if their weekend sports will be rained out. Plus, a new cloud-watching satellite, the White Dragon, is now in orbit to help scientists study climate change!

Today, South Africa’s 27 million voters hit the polls to decide their next leader. This election is a big deal because it might end the 30-year reign of the African National Congress, a party once led by the legendary Nelson Mandela. It’s like your school captain election but way, way bigger!

Everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat, Garfield, is back in cinemas with Chris Pratt voicing him! And guess what? The iconic Home Alone house is for sale for $6 million, complete with an indoor basketball court. Time to start saving those pennies!

With 64 elections happening worldwide this year, disinformation is on the rise. Squiz-E the Newshound reminds us to stop, think, and check before believing what we see online. Governments are fighting back with ‘pre-bunking’ to help people spot fake news. Stay sharp, Newshounds!

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