Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Tummy bugs to the rescue; Greek army tests ancient armour; Tassie Devils seek a song; and robot bugs to the rescue

Q+A Callout – Arisa Trew
Get ready for the Paris Olympics, where skateboarding makes its debut! Aussie skateboarding sensation Arisa Trew, just 14, is ready to wow the world. She’s the first female to land a 720 trick in competition, and she’s taking the hotseat for our next Squiz Kids Q+A. Send in your questions and find out what makes Arisa a skateboarding superstar! [email protected]

Hold on to your hats! Scientists in Brisbane have discovered that the helpful bacteria in our bellies, known as the gut microbiome, might help with Parkinson’s Disease! They’re starting a world-first study to see if tweaking these tiny helpers can fight this big condition. Our bodies are awesome!

A team of scientists and soldiers in Southern Greece have tested 3,500-year-old armor in an epic 11-hour battle simulation. The armour, found in the 1960s, proved its strength, showing us how ancient soldiers rocked the battlefield. History and science make a winning team!

Get ready to sing! Tasmania’s AFL team, the Tassie Devils, will join the competition in 2028, but their victory song is still a mystery. AFL songs are legendary, and now a Tasmanian might write the next hit. Who knows? Maybe you could create the anthem they sing after their first big win!

Straight out of a sci-fi movie! Scientists in Singapore have made cyborg cockroaches by attaching tiny backpacks with computers to their backs. These bug-bots can help each other and might one day save lives in disaster zones. With great power comes great responsibility, even for cyborg cockroaches!

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