Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Leaplings have a birthday; a chilly job up for grabs; Meta on AI election watch; and footy fever is here.

If you’re a Leap Day baby, you’re in the rarest birthday club! Leap Days are those extra special 24 hours we get every four years, thanks to some ancient Roman and later, Papal, calendar tweaks. So, leaplings, party hard because your next birthday bash is in four years!

Fancy counting penguins or running a post office surrounded by whales and glaciers? Head to Antarctica for the job of a lifetime! Just remember, it’s super cold, and the penguins are loud. Oh, and it’s Brits only—sorry, everyone else!

Feeling bored? The footy season is about to blast off with pies, tackles, and tries! The NRL and AFL are bringing the heat, with games in Las Vegas and Australia. Get ready for big hits, epic goals, and the ultimate sports showdown this weekend!

With elections EU coming up, there’s a big push to spot AI deepfakes.  And hey, teachers and parents, check out Newshounds, a cool podcast program on beating online misinformation and becoming savvy media consumers!
Deepfake voice quiz.

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