Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Tween skincare TikTok warning; Scotland’s Willy Wonka fail; Another wonky moon landing; and some really big Bluey news.

Kids everywhere are diving into grown-up beauty routines, thanks to those ever-persuasive ‘skinfluencers’ on TikTok and Instagram! But, doctors are waving red flags, saying these adult products aren’t playthings for young skin.

Imagine expecting a chocolate paradise and ending up in a lolly-less shed! That’s what happened in Scotland at a Willy Wonka event that was more trick than treat. Disappointed fans and a few tears later, refunds were the day’s special.

Heads up, Bluey buffs! Clear your calendars for April 14th because a super-sized episode is on its way.  One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be paws-itively unforgettable!

Spacecraft SLIM must’ve hit the snooze button, landing sideways on the moon and taking a long nap. But with a little sunlight, it’s back and beaming photos home—just tilt your head to view! It’s one small roll for a spaceship, one giant leap for space snoozes.

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