Monday, May 27, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Koala vaccine provides new hope; Landslide in Papua New Guinea; big weekend for Mariners and Man Utd; and Thailand’s marauding monkeys.

Q+A Callout – Arisa Trew
Get ready for the Paris Olympics, where skateboarding makes its debut! Aussie skateboarding sensation Arisa Trew, just 14, is ready to wow the world. She’s the first female to land a 720 trick in competition, and she’s taking the hotseat for our next Squiz Kids Q+A. Send in your questions and find out what makes Arisa a skateboarding superstar! [email protected]

Koalas are fighting back against a nasty disease! Researchers at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have developed a fantastic vaccine to protect koalas from chlamydia. Thanks to their hard work, infection rates have dropped, and 34 adorable joeys have been born. Plus, there’s a nifty micro-chip that gives koalas vaccine boosters without needing a shot!

A mountain village in Papua New Guinea has been hit by a landslide, but Australian rescue teams are on the scene helping out. This beautiful but rainy country sees many landslides, and the brave rescuers are doing all they can to save lives and help the community recover. We’re sending all our good wishes to the people of PNG!

In the town of Lopburi, Thailand, monkeys are causing chaos! These clever macaques have outnumbered the people and are taking over. Shops are protected by wire fences, and even tasty fruit traps aren’t fooling these cheeky critters. It’s wild! Monkeys 1 – Humans 0!

The Central Coast Mariners have made soccer history by winning the A-League grand final for the third year in a row! Fans went wild, storming the field in celebration. Meanwhile, over in England, Manchester United pulled off a huge upset, beating Man City 2-1 in the FA Cup Final. What a weekend for soccer fans!

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