Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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Protections for the lunar landscape;  Paris’ waiters race for glory; an Indian girl-group’s on the scene; and a Lego hero hangs up his helmet.

The moon is not just a night light but an environment to be protected! From icy craters and sunny ridges to quiet spots perfect for cosmic eavesdropping, it’s a space explorer’s dream. But as more moon missions launch, scientists urge for a space agreement to shield these lunar gems.

Before the Olympic flame lights up Paris, the city’s cafe crew are racing through the streets with trays in hand, all without spilling a drop. It’s not your usual sprint but a quirky challenge that ends with tickets to the Olympics. How’s that for service with a smile?

Meet W.i.S.H., the all-girl band ready to dazzle the global stage with their hit “Lazeez.” Blending English and Hindi, these ladies are set to make I-Pop the next big thing. Warning: their debut single may cause spontaneous dance outbreaks!

Alex McIntrye isn’t your average superhero; he’s a Lego giant bringing joy and hope, especially after braving through a tough time. With a heart as big as his costume, Alex shows us that real heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and even bricks.

M C Escher and his tessellations.

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