Monday, February 26, 2024

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Matildas one step closer to Olympics; Moon mission accomplished; Panthers pipped at post; and a hospital for kiwis.

The Matildas showed the world their soccer superpowers this weekend, zooming past Uzbekistan with a dazzling 3-0 win! With goals flying left and right, these soccer heroes are one step closer to Olympic glory.

New Zealand just got a bit more awesome with its first-ever kiwi hospital! This feathery haven is a game-changer for the cutest national birds needing a little TLC. From car mishaps to pool filter adventures, kiwis like ‘Splash’ now have a safe place to heal. Kiwi-tastic indeed!

Meet Odie, the moon lander that decided the Moon was the perfect spot for a little lie-down. Despite its sideways snooze, Odie’s still hard at work, proving that even in space, a good rest can lead to great discoveries. A cosmic reminder to keep reaching for the stars!

Big news for sports fans! The London Marathon levels the playing field with equal prize money for all athletes. Aussie star Madison de Rozario calls it a game-changer, proving that on the track of fairness, we’re all racing together.

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