Thursday, May 23, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Operation: stamp out bird flu; Japan’s naughty raccoons; Mr Beast in deepfake scam; and Find My Friends for rhinos.

Hey there, winter warriors! It’s not just humans catching the flu—our feathered friends in Victoria have bird flu. But don’t panic! The super scientists are on it, making sure this bird bug doesn’t spread. And guess what? It’s still safe to enjoy your chicken and eggs! Yum!

Hold onto your hats, Japan’s got a raccoon invasion! These cute but pesky critters were pets gone wild thanks to an old anime. Now, they’re causing chaos in the forests. It’s a wild tale of how adorable pets can become pesky problems. Watch out for those sneaky raccoons!

Great news from Kenya! Park rangers are using GPS to keep an eye on endangered animals like rhinos and elephants. It’s like ‘Find My Friends’ for wildlife! Thanks to this tech, more black rhinos are roaming free and fewer elephants are in danger. Go, tech-savvy rangers!

Attention, Newshounds! Mr Beast is caught in a scam. Fake news reports claim he’s endorsing a betting game called ‘Beast Plinko,’ but it’s all lies! These deep fakes are just tricks. Remember, always Stop, Think, and Check. Stay smart online, and don’t get fooled by fakes!

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