Monday, May 20, 2024

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PM declares war on social media; Aussie scientist on Greenland trek; Mustering cattle with a drone; and the alligator that came to school.

Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a plan to protect kids online with “age verification” technology. This new trial will help ensure kids are old enough for social media. The goal? To keep young minds safe from harmful content. Sounds like a smart move!

An adventurous scientist from Australia is trekking across Greenland’s ice cap to study snow density. Armed with skis and sleds, these brave explorers are gathering data to understand why Greenland’s ice is shrinking. Talk about a chilly but important mission!

Farming has gone high-tech! Instead of horses and motorbikes, farmers are using drones to herd their livestock. These drones, controlled from miles away, guide cattle across the fields. It’s an amazing blend of tradition and technology!

In Florida, school kids got a wild surprise when a huge alligator wandered onto their road. Wildlife officers had to wrestle and tape the massive reptile before relocating it far away. It’s not every day you see an alligator on the way to school!

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