Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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A fifth cyclone this season; sunken treasure to see the light; help for penguin parents; and the Tassie Devils tackle the AFL.

In Borroloola, Australia, the townsfolk had to bunk up in safe spots as Megan brought a whoosh of 170 km/h winds and buckets of rain. But guess what? Everyone’s safe, proving Borroloola is tougher than a tropical storm!
Your Squiz Kids Shortcut… to Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons

Gulf of Carpentaria Map

Dive into a real-life pirate adventure deep under the sea, where the San Jose galleon sleeps with treasures galore. Gold, silver, emeralds – a whopping $17 billion waiting to be discovered! With archaeologists setting sail for an exploration, who knows what wonders they’ll find.

Penguin Island’s Little Penguins are throwing a housewarming party for their new, cool nesting boxes! With the sun turning up the heat, these ingenious homes are a game-changer, making sure our feathered friends stay cool and keep the baby penguin party going.

Tasmania is breaking into a victory dance as the Tassie Devils join the Aussie Rules big league! With both men’s and women’s teams ready to show their stuff, it’s time to paint the town green, yellow, and red. Let’s hear it for the Devils, making history and bringing the island spirit to the field!

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