Monday, February 19, 2024

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Historic moon landing has lift off; Florida bear steals choccies from car; Farting dart player causes a stink; and Aussie cricket’s new heroine.

Imagine a spaceship named Odie, zooming past stars on a mission to the Moon! This isn’t just any trip; Odie’s looking for water at the Moon’s south pole, hoping to make it a future home for astronauts.

Florida’s animals have turned into sneaky snack stealers! A bear trashed a car for chocolates, while raccoons dined out on a taco delivery. It’s an animal revolution, proving that everyone loves a tasty treat!

The darts world was thrown into a stinky scandal when a player accused his rival of using fart tactics to win! While one claimed it was all in the air, the other was left fuming.

Aussie cricketer Annabel Sutherland made history with the fastest double century in women’s Test cricket. Scoring 210 runs, she showed the world what it means to be a champion.

Annabel Sutherland Q+A

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