Monday, June 17, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

New pandas for Adelaide Zoo; New Zealand’s whale treaty; the country kid off to the Olympics; and the lion with a watch on its tongue.

Wang Wang and Fu Ni, Australia’s beloved panda duo, will head back to China at the end of the year after 15 years at Adelaide Zoo. But don’t worry, a new pair of pandas will soon take their place.

In New Zealand, a Maori king has signed a pledge to treat whales like people, aiming to protect these majestic creatures. This promise hopes to ensure whales have rights to a clean and safe ocean. Other Pacific Island leaders are joining in, and they hope King Charles will too!

Ben Armbruster from Stanthorpe, Queensland, stunned everyone by coming second in the 50m men’s freestyle, earning a spot in the Paris Olympics. His dedication meant early morning drives to train, proving hard work really pays off. Squiz Kids Salutes Ben and all supportive parents!

Vet Chloe Buiting used an Apple i-watch to monitor a lion’s heart rate by strapping it to its tongue! Meanwhile, Kevin the Great Dane from Iowa is now the world’s tallest dog, standing 7ft high on his hind legs. This gentle giant loves cuddles but is scared of vacuums!

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