Thursday, May 16, 2024

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School in a warzone; human hair helps climate change; saving Dominica’s mountain chicken frog; and zoo cages for humans.

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They don’t have a school building but young students in Gaza have plenty of persistence. With the support of volunteer teachers and the UN, they’re returning to school in tents and on sand, determined not to miss out on an education.

The Mountain Chicken frog of Dominica, once a local delicacy, now battles extinction due to disease and weather. Conservationists and zoos globally rally to revive their dwindling numbers. Let’s hope Dominicans hear their call in the wild again soon.

Every year, Aussies toss 400,000 kg of hair, enough to impact the environment. Now, that hair could support green energy by being converted into graphite for battery production.

Chongqing City Zoo offers a unique experience where visitors can feed lions and tigers from within a cage, providing a safe yet thrilling interaction with nature.

Original video from the Chongquing zoo.

How to conduct a reverse image search using Google.

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