Thursday, May 2, 2024

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Volcano erupts, 12,000 evacuated; Zebras on the run in Seattle; big weekend of AFL derbies; and the fake Scottish railway.

Indonesia’s famous volcano put on a real firework show, spewing lava and even sparking lightning! Luckily, no tsunamis this time, as smart scientists predicted the eruption. Nature’s own action movie!

Planet Earth’s layers

Squiz Kids Shortcut on Earthquakes and Volcanoes\

Imagine sipping your smoothie and spotting zebras zipping by! In Seattle, these stripey escapees turned a quiet town into a zany zebra zoo. Even the rodeo folks joined this wild roundup!

This weekend is jam-packed with AFL thrills! Local derbies mean neighbour vs. neighbour in a footy frenzy. Who will be the champs? Stay tuned for the big tackles and even bigger cheers!

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