Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast

A quantum leap in Aussie computing;  the NFL touches down on the Gold Coast; a cat’s Californian adventure; and Wednesday Addams is in print.

Get ready to leap into the future with a big investment in Australia – our very own quantum computer. Calculating with quarks, muons and bosons has never been as accessible and should provide a big boost to the Aussie economy.

Imagine packing for a trip and accidentally sending your cat instead! Meet Galena, the kitty who travelled from Utah to California in a box of boots. Talk about a fur-tastic voyage!

The Olympic countdown is on! From gymnastics golds to football fields, Australia’s young athletes are jumping high and tackling their dreams!  The NFL is even scoring big with a new academy. Could you be a future recruit?

Pop hits and spooky treats! Billie Eilish is bringing her tunes down under, and Wednesday Addams is cooking up a storm in the book world. Get ready for some groovy tunes and gothic giggles!

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