Monday, April 29, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

TikTok on the chopping block; TayTay albums breaks records everywhere; Elephants on the move at Taronga; and the world’s funniest crab joke.

Big news: the U.S. might ban TikTok because they’re worried about data privacy. TikTok says it won’t happen, but the debate is on! Keep your eyes peeled as this story unfolds.

In the UK, the World’s Funniest Crab Joke Competition had everyone laughing! The top joke? A crab using the sidewalk instead of crossing the road. Get ready to giggle with these claw-some jokes!

It’s almost farewell time at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo as two beloved elephants pack up for a new adventure in South Australia. They’re joining a new elephant crew for more fun and splashing around!

Taylor Swift’s new album is a hit parade! Breaking records and topping charts worldwide, Tay Tay shows she’s still the princess of pop. Way to go, Taylor!

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